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I’m a software architect with a long experience in software architecture and design, with interest in cloud platforms and Agile methodologies.
I worked with many teams to successfully deliver software products using many frameworks and languages, and targeting many platforms like Azure, SharePoint, mobile, and desktop applications.
During my work with Agile teams, I coached them in both the technical and engineering aspects and helped developers with different experience levels in the organization to achieve the best results and build their skills. I also worked with product owners to get the best possible value through a continuous delivery model.
All these activities do not keep me away from coding and keeping up to date with new technologies and exploring new things from cool new libraries to cloud offerings to data science.


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GeneralMy blog @ blogspot: Pin
Hesham Amin28-Oct-07 12:43
MemberHesham Amin28-Oct-07 12:43 
Generalfirst day in the new job !! Pin
Hesham Amin10-Jul-04 7:20
MemberHesham Amin10-Jul-04 7:20 
GeneralStarting PHP Pin
Hesham Amin24-Jun-04 1:13
MemberHesham Amin24-Jun-04 1:13 
Generalwhy don't I find many Arabs and Africans ? Pin
Hesham Amin11-Jul-03 8:32
MemberHesham Amin11-Jul-03 8:32 
GeneralRe: why don't I find many Arabs and Africans ? Pin
Daniel Turini13-Jul-03 2:48
MemberDaniel Turini13-Jul-03 2:48 
GeneralRe: why don't I find many Arabs and Africans ? Pin
Hesham Amin13-Jul-03 4:04
MemberHesham Amin13-Jul-03 4:04 
GeneralSouth Africa calling... Pin
Megan Forbes10-Nov-03 3:44
MemberMegan Forbes10-Nov-03 3:44 
GeneralRe: South Africa calling... Pin
Hesham Amin10-Nov-03 7:30
MemberHesham Amin10-Nov-03 7:30 
GeneralRe: South Africa calling... Pin
Megan Forbes14-Nov-03 4:39
MemberMegan Forbes14-Nov-03 4:39 
GeneralRe: South Africa calling... Pin
Hesham Amin15-Nov-03 8:06
MemberHesham Amin15-Nov-03 8:06 

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