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I am a software programmer from Chennai India. I started my coding career with BASIC/DBase III/Foxpro during 1993 to 1996. Had some gap during my college days as I was much interested in Embedded Systems and Robotics. I was doing more of ASM programming and discovering Freeware software tools online. Started with coding again in 2004-2006 with Visual Basic 6.0. I become member of Code Project in search for VB 6.0 codes. Wanted to shift to learn .Net. Due to economical situations, I could not take up any course for .Net in my city. During 2009, I started learning VB.NET using online resources as VB 6.0 was not mush supported by that time. As some search results were giving C# codes, learned little bit on C# also. As my career is related to Electronic devices repair and services, during 2009-2010, I decided to write my own project for myself to help my service career. Little bit tried ASP.NET projects also in between. In 2013, started working with MySQL database. I came across lot of wonderful articles from Code Project. Specialty with Code Project is that I can download complete project and try from scratch for that particular concept. Code Project is my teacher for most of my learning in VB.NET. Presently concentrating on learning C#, WPF, Xamarin and Android/iOS programming. Thanks to Code Project for codes and Thanks to Microsoft for community editions.



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