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JProxy LLC
JProxy, LLC is an R&D commercial company with an innovative line of products that enables J2EE solutions port on the Internet networks with no code change and accelerates Java applications deployment on your customer's target machines by 4-10 times.

1. JProxy Tunnel is a pure Java enterprise connectivity solution. JProxy Tunnel provides a generic HTTP(S) Tunnel for J2EE APIs. This product lets your systems operate over any firewalls, proxies and restrictive network configurations on the Internet instantaneously. No source code change required. Access J2EE technologies from any Java enabled device with no J2EE implementation required on the device itself.

2. Adoptive Class Loader. Now you can implement a full-blown Java GUI or an "deploy-on-demand" service without worrying about how long it would take to download one onto a user's desktop or a remote host for execution. Centralize your deployment and upgrade/patch needs with Java Platform and Adoptive Class Loader, whether deploying a Web Client or a Service.

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