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A random human being, loose on a planet full of other organic beings. Got sidetracked into computer programming as the arpanet, which later became the internet was being tested. If you remember the IBM 1620 Model 1 (whole 4K of core baby!), then you can place me in time, as it was the computer I first played with.

Begun with assembly, moved on to Fortran (no number), and in alpha order: Algol, APLer (for life), Basic, C, C++(when it was a preprocess!), C#, COBOL, Java, Lisp, Pascal, PL/1, POP (Ada-like, not e-mail), Python and RPG. (Sorry, HTML is not a programming language, neither is SQL .. And I have done them both).

Begun with single user (1620), on to centralized (360), shared (VAX), standalone (PC), networked (LAN/Internet), client/server and on to distributed (SQL/IIS/C# Web Services/Ajax/Javascript/Thick Client)

My goal in life is to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.


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