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Jesús López Méndez - Professional Profile


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Working on i-nercya intelligent software as a Database Administrator, IT Manager and Software Architect.

I developed my first programs 30 years ago in BASIC on a CASIO PB 100 programmable calculator which had 1.5 Kb of RAM (with extended memory, factory version had 512 bytes of RAM). Later I programmed on a Commodore 64 micro computer, data was stored on a music-like magnetic tape. Oh My!

I worked for the Spanish Air Force, I have a master degree on aeronautical engineering after all. But making software is my passion.

My other passions are dancing tango and ballroom, cooking good food and watching cinema. And of course and mainly, to love my girlfriend and my daughter.

I also worked on Solid Quality Mentors where my job was SQL Server consulting. I optimized lot of queries on that job. I also worked teaching SQL Server.

I was a Visual Basic MVP during three years several years ago. But I think I don't remember VB sintax anymore, c# is my development language now.


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