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I learned it it this order, also starting a new venture

Have started a complete web development and design company
Home for your custom applications.


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LogicalDNA Solutions is a dynamic, growing software company with a real passion for Software Development. We offer world class quality and reliable development methodology for offshore development. The company was founded in March 2008 and has grown steadily since then. Over the last couple of months of operation we have served customers of various sizes; from dot com start-ups to some of the world’s largest banks. While the engagement methodology differs, there is one common thread across all our customers – they are all delighted to work with us because of our customer focus, transparent project management, timely deliveries and high quality standards.

Our Processes
When we undertake a new project, we go through a meticulous requirement analysis process. Our customer's sucess is our topmost priority. We study the requirements carefully and go through iterations of refinement before scoping the project. Once we take on your project,we assure you complete satisfaction because we believe in being better than the best. We practice complete transparency and honesty in the project management. For us, a candid risk analysis is a crucial step in ensuring a project's success. Every customer who becomes a part of our customer family, is guaranteed success and satisfaction.

What can LogicalDNA Solutions do for you today?
At LogicalDNA Solutions, we have professional delivery experience and customer success stories on every single technology and domain in this list.
Domains: Web Application Development (consumer web sites, enterprise applications, facilities management, Mobile/PDA applications)
Technical Expertise: ASP .Net (VB, C#),  mobile/PDA applications in .Net, Web services, flash, e-Learning Services: Complete web site design, Logo design, Advertising banner design, flash development, User Interface design (Graphics, Usability, Accessibility and compliance)

We are a customer-driven growing technology company and as such we are always open to new growth opportunities. We are looking to expand our areas of expertise all the time. Such growth often involves re-training of the current workforce and/or new recruitment. So we like to fully understand your requirements and the time horizon before making a decision to invest in a new technology/domain. If you are interested in a long term engagement where we get a growth opportunity and you get a reliable offshore development partner, please contact us at and we will be happy to engage in an honest and meaningful dialog. You will be pleasantly surprised with our agility.
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