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These days I tend to focus on C# web/winForms and web/winServices but I also spend a lot of time in VB.Net. My largest and longest area of focus has probably been working on compilers and RAD tools for .Net. I recently completed a project working on scanguns/barcode readers for a large retailer and accepted a new position with a mortgage company in Austin, Texas. My current interest are moving into the mobile/phone/tablet area and completing a suite of language and learning tools for students of Greek and Latin. I'm also starting to pick up Android development and Ardunio.

I've been working full-time in the software industry since I was 17-years starting with LISP. I ended up with degrees in CS and Biology, which make for an interesting mix. I have worked on software proejcts for the military (USAF), law enforcement (international, FBI, and local), various state and local governments, private industry, medical, insurance, retail stores, and I spent 8-years working in R&D on compilers and RAD tools for .Net. I am currently working in the mortgage industry and on more side projects than I can handle.

I adopted .Net early in 2001 with the first beta releases and put my first .Net app into production in June of 2001... 8-months before .Net was released. I was lucky enough to attended the release of .Net in Feb of 2002 in San Francisco and therefore I have been involved since the beginning. Later that next June I released the first enterprise level .Net application using the DB2 on the backend and have been full-time in .Net ever sense.



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