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Having been a commercial software developer for 17 years and a hobbyist for about 6 years before that, I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly of software development. My journey has taken me from BASIC to PASCAL to C to C++ and now to C#. I hate to reinvent the wheel and will always reuse other peoples' code where I can.

The coding side of the job has lost its interest for me and I much prefer to work on the business analysis and design side now. Although I still get a kick out of a little R+D and I have had a lot of fun playing with MyXaml over the last year. The greatest pleasure still comes from seeing the final product in use and how it helps my clients run their businesses better.


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General9000 posts Pin
Michael P Butler24-Dec-06 4:50
MemberMichael P Butler24-Dec-06 4:50 
GeneralRe: 9000 posts Pin
Jon Sagara10-May-07 13:37
MemberJon Sagara10-May-07 13:37 
GeneralRIP Craig Hinton Pin
Michael P Butler5-Dec-06 10:00
MemberMichael P Butler5-Dec-06 10:00 
GeneralPerformance Management Review Pin
Michael P Butler15-Nov-06 11:42
MemberMichael P Butler15-Nov-06 11:42 
GeneralDisorganised Pin
Michael P Butler3-Apr-06 10:58
MemberMichael P Butler3-Apr-06 10:58 
GeneralI wish I had more design sense Pin
Michael P Butler19-Feb-06 6:00
MemberMichael P Butler19-Feb-06 6:00 
GeneralRe: I wish I had more design sense Pin
Ed.Poore24-Jan-07 11:38
MemberEd.Poore24-Jan-07 11:38 
GeneralFinally calling it a day Pin
Michael P Butler19-Feb-06 4:58
MemberMichael P Butler19-Feb-06 4:58 
GeneralDecent Headsets Pin
Michael P Butler4-Feb-06 5:59
MemberMichael P Butler4-Feb-06 5:59 
GeneralPC thoughts Pin
Michael P Butler3-Feb-06 9:07
MemberMichael P Butler3-Feb-06 9:07 
GeneralMSN Spaces Pin
Michael P Butler3-Feb-06 8:55
MemberMichael P Butler3-Feb-06 8:55 
GeneralAs the lounge Pin
Michael P Butler31-Jan-06 0:56
MemberMichael P Butler31-Jan-06 0:56 
GeneralMy Dog died today Pin
Michael P Butler9-Jan-06 6:43
MemberMichael P Butler9-Jan-06 6:43 
GeneralRe: My Dog died today Pin
Paul Watson9-Jan-06 12:12
sitebuilderPaul Watson9-Jan-06 12:12 
GeneralRe: My Dog died today Pin
Michael P Butler10-Jan-06 9:11
MemberMichael P Butler10-Jan-06 9:11 
GeneralRe: My Dog died today Pin
DavidNohejl22-Jan-06 21:16
MemberDavidNohejl22-Jan-06 21:16 
GeneralRe: My Dog died today Pin
Michael P Butler25-Jan-06 23:16
MemberMichael P Butler25-Jan-06 23:16 
GeneralJust when I thought I'd heard it all... Pin
Michael P Butler8-Jan-06 10:21
MemberMichael P Butler8-Jan-06 10:21 
General2006 To-do list Pin
Michael P Butler2-Jan-06 6:39
MemberMichael P Butler2-Jan-06 6:39 
JokeI couldn't think of a resolution this year Pin
Michael P Butler2-Jan-06 5:13
MemberMichael P Butler2-Jan-06 5:13 
GeneralPost voting Pin
Michael P Butler28-Dec-05 22:42
MemberMichael P Butler28-Dec-05 22:42 
GeneralMerry Christmas Pin
Michael P Butler24-Dec-05 8:26
MemberMichael P Butler24-Dec-05 8:26 
General206 spam messages Pin
Michael P Butler23-Dec-05 9:37
MemberMichael P Butler23-Dec-05 9:37 
GeneralReady for Christmas Pin
Michael P Butler18-Dec-05 10:31
MemberMichael P Butler18-Dec-05 10:31 
JokeI'm getting too old for this Pin
Michael P Butler15-Dec-05 21:07
MemberMichael P Butler15-Dec-05 21:07 

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