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Abhijit Ghosh (Subho) - Professional Profile


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About Me:
I am a junior software developer who is still learning how to write code that won't give others a headache. I love biking and travelling. I am also a big foodie and a cinephile.

Coding Style:
I am not a ninja programmer and I don't want to be one. I am the slowest developer you may ever encounter. I take a lot of time to develop code and I spend even more time reviewing it. My codes are always full of comments and summaries. Sometimes there are more comments than actual lines of code.

Pet Peeve:
A great software with zero or very little documentation. That is simply a great idea wasted, not to mention the time and labor of the dev team. Normally I wouldn't care unless I have to maintain it.

Liberal Views:
Free sharing of knowledge by the developer community has always amazed me. I do what I can to contribute. I believe that the 'end-user' rules. because his disturbingly feeble-minded needs drive me to build something better.

Egoistic Views:
I take pride in what I develop and the way I do it but I still bow down to all who can provide a better solution.



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