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Survey Results

How did you get into programming?

Survey period: 20 May 2019 to 27 May 2019

My studies at school were focused on IT15313.37
My studies at school were had IT as a component but I chose programming948.22
I am self taught and wanted to become a programmer32428.32
I learned to code to do my job better (eg engineering or science)11810.31
I created something simple (eg a webpage) and needed to make it more powerful so ended up a programmer181.57
I had an interest and found myself drifting more and more to coding19717.22
I did it for the money or to just get a job353.06
I needed to learn programming to keep my job / advance in my job221.92
I needed to know how to code to solve a specific problem I had and ended up a programmer383.32
I was the IT guy by default and one thing led to another474.11
Other (please comment)988.57

GeneralStuff Happens Pin
PeejayAdams22-May-19 23:55
MemberPeejayAdams22-May-19 23:55 
GeneralI needed a challenge and programming looked like the best option for releasing my creative tendencies. Pin
John R. Shaw22-May-19 16:12
MemberJohn R. Shaw22-May-19 16:12 
GeneralHow did I get into programming? Pin
James Lonero22-May-19 9:01
MemberJames Lonero22-May-19 9:01 
GeneralI was fascinated by Computers from the first time I saw a mainframe Pin
Carlosian22-May-19 5:30
MemberCarlosian22-May-19 5:30 
GeneralAcademic requirement Pin
Ravi Bhavnani22-May-19 5:28
professionalRavi Bhavnani22-May-19 5:28 
GeneralI had an interest and found myself drifting more and more to coding Pin
RogelioP / EX DE,HL21-May-19 17:41
professionalRogelioP / EX DE,HL21-May-19 17:41 
GeneralMinnesota Educational Computer Consortium Pin
Member 798912221-May-19 13:12
MemberMember 798912221-May-19 13:12 
GeneralWhen I started with computers, there weren't many programs out there, so ... Pin
willichan21-May-19 9:52
professionalwillichan21-May-19 9:52 
GeneralAssociates degree in Computer Tech ... Pin
TNCaver21-May-19 9:44
MemberTNCaver21-May-19 9:44 
GeneralLearning to code Pin
JSilvers21-May-19 8:17
professionalJSilvers21-May-19 8:17 
Generalwent to school to fix computers but... Pin
dannette21-May-19 7:16
Memberdannette21-May-19 7:16 
GeneralRe: went to school to fix computers but... Pin
TNCaver21-May-19 9:46
MemberTNCaver21-May-19 9:46 
GeneralI had no choice.... Pin
Slow Eddie21-May-19 4:56
professionalSlow Eddie21-May-19 4:56 
GeneralDad brought home a Sinclair ZX80 Pin
QED200321-May-19 5:01
professionalQED200321-May-19 5:01 
GeneralRe: Dad brought home a Sinclair ZX80 Pin
megaadam22-May-19 23:55
professionalmegaadam22-May-19 23:55 
GeneralRe: Dad brought home a Sinclair ZX80 Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic23-May-19 16:05
MemberNemanja Trifunovic23-May-19 16:05 
GeneralGrew up hearing about 0C7 Pin
bryanren21-May-19 4:32
Memberbryanren21-May-19 4:32 
Generalhow did I get into programming Pin
giffnich21-May-19 3:27
Membergiffnich21-May-19 3:27 
GeneralOther Pin
WVSunkistRich21-May-19 3:35
MemberWVSunkistRich21-May-19 3:35 
GeneralTypo alert Pin
Dan Neely21-May-19 2:33
MemberDan Neely21-May-19 2:33 
GeneralNone of the answers apply Pin
Gary Wheeler21-May-19 1:55
MemberGary Wheeler21-May-19 1:55 
GeneralRe: None of the answers apply Pin
s-ort21-May-19 4:10
Members-ort21-May-19 4:10 
GeneralRe: None of the answers apply Pin
Gary Wheeler21-May-19 4:20
MemberGary Wheeler21-May-19 4:20 
Generalother- to resolve hardware problems on systems in the 60's Pin
theoldfool21-May-19 1:39
professionaltheoldfool21-May-19 1:39 
GeneralWanted to create video games Pin
decaffeinatedMonkey21-May-19 1:15
MemberdecaffeinatedMonkey21-May-19 1:15 

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