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I want my child windows service to be invoked from parent service.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-Apr-15 2:33am    
What do you mean by that? What do you mean by such "invocation"? Who told you that there is a parent-child relationship between services? Why would you need such thing?
suhel_khan 14-Apr-15 2:36am    
i have two service. i want my child service to be installed by parent service and after performing certain task the parent will uninstall the child.
Sinisa Hajnal 14-Apr-15 3:14am    
Why would you install / deinstall services, why not just leave it for future use? And what is the problem? If the installation passes it is just a service, it can be called like any other. If the installation fails, you will (hopefully) get some message about it.
suhel_khan 14-Apr-15 3:39am    
I need to install multiple instance for child service I cant go and install manually for every instance. That why I need to install and uninstall the service programmatically through parent service
Sinisa Hajnal 14-Apr-15 4:25am    
The question is, why can't you install it once and then re-use it...if you have multiple services, why not congregate them into single service to be installed once?

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