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I gave up trying to solve this myself, so any help will be appreciated.
Let's say, we have the following declaration:
class A
  virtual void() foo() {....};

typedef A B;

Then, somewhere in code we have this:

B b;;

Now, if you are using MSVC++, Intellisense hint (when you hover your mouse over ";" call ) will resolve it as "void A::foo()", not "void B::foo()". I.e. if you typedef anything, Intellisense totally ignore your def, and resolves to the very bone of the declaration.

Same will happen if you declare B as descendant of A:
class B: public A

Intellisense hint will still show "void A::foo()" until you override foo() in B one way or another.

And here is my problem. I'm writing a templated class, which itself is descendant of another templated class, etc, etc. Final class name become very, very long (>200 symbols). Of course, it is then typedef-ed, but - and this is my problem - Intellisense doesn't care about any typedef, and just unwraps the type to this crazy 200 symbols.

My question is this:
is there ANY way at all to force Intellisense to use typedef instead of unwrapped def?

If this is not possible, is it any way to have Intellisense at least display B::foo() instead of A::foo() in the above example, provided that there is no way I can override foo() in B?

My ultimate goal is this:

template<class X1, class X2<X1>, ...., class X10000, typename Q=X1::nested_type> // joking, but you got an idea
class Base : public AnotherTemplatedBase<.....>
  typedef typename AnotherTemplatedBase<.....>::very_deeply_nested_type  data_type;
  data_type foo(yet_another_deep_data_type& src) {...}

typedef Base< and here are end-user params> UserClass;

UserClass uc;
auto x =;
// and now I want Intellisense to show "data_type UserClass::foo(another_data_type& src)" instead of crazy long unwrapped base name.

Is this even doable? May be in new MSVC++ releases?...
Updated 27-Mar-15 18:33pm
Philippe Mori 27-Mar-15 23:55pm    
You might make the suggestion on Visual Studio User Voice (
Kosta Cherry 28-Mar-15 0:48am    
I doubt that they will ever pay attention to the request of a stranger...
Richard MacCutchan 28-Mar-15 4:32am    
Of course they will. How will they ever know it's a problem if you don't tell them?

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