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I'm building a project with Entity Framework and MySQL. For compatibility reason I need to use Entity Framework 5. I did a little mistake and updated my Entity Framework to version 6.1.1 with nuget package manager. I would like to uninstall this version 6.1.1 to use the version 5. Is it possible?
Updated 14-Sep-14 6:26am

1 solution

It is yes

update-package EntityFramework -version 5

I believe that is the command to install a specfici version

This link is really useful to knowing how to use the update-package command in nuget. Nuget Update Package Command[^]
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Bastien Vandamme 14-Sep-14 11:27am    
I guess this is not implemented in the GUI. I need to use the command line.
Pheonyx 14-Sep-14 11:28am    
I've never managed to make it work in the gui no. But using the command line is very straight forward :-) I generally use it instead of the gui.
Bastien Vandamme 14-Sep-14 11:41am    
I get this error: Update-Package : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Version'. The argument is null. Provide a valid value for the argument, and then try running the command again.

When I list the package with Get-Package -ListAvailable -Filter EntityFramework -AllVersions I don't see other version than the 6.1.1.
Pheonyx 14-Sep-14 11:59am    
That's odd as there is definitely a version 5 and I had to do this last week.

update-Package EntityFramework -Version 5.0.0 that should do the job as it contains all the .0.0 bits.

Entity Framework Nuget Page

I've seen a similar issue to yours when it cannot access the nuget website itself and it is using the local cache which I generally have to restart VS to resolve.

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