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I have combined two combo boxes but I need to combine them like this flow

then select item type -- AA, BB, CC

after that in third combo it should list in description of items regarding

AA - abdbdbfbd
BB - dhjhdfdhf

private void cmbItemType_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (cmbItemType.SelectedValue != null && cmbWharehouse.SelectedValue != null)
                loadGrid(cmbWharehouse.SelectedValue.ToString(), cmbItemType.SelectedValue.ToString());

load the combo
private void loadItemTypeCombo()
            List<Entity.beanItem> _list = new List<Entity.beanItem>();
            _list = _brItemType.getItem();

            this.cmbItem.ValueMember = "TYPE";
            this.cmbItem.DisplayMember = "DESCRIPTION";
            this.cmbItem.DataSource = _list;


public class brItem

Dataaccess.DAItem _da = new Dataaccess.DAItem();
public List<entity.beanitem> getItem()
List<entity.beanitem> _list = new List<entity.beanitem>();

DataSet ds = _da.getItem();
if (ds != null)
Entity.beanItem _bnnew = new Entity.beanItem();

_bnnew.ITEMCODE = "ALL";
_bnnew.TYPE = "ALL";


foreach (DataRow dr in ds.Tables[0].Rows)
Entity.beanItem _bn = new Entity.beanItem();

_bn.ITEMCODE = dr["ITEMCODE"].ToString();
_bn.TYPE = dr["TYPE"].ToString();




catch (Exception)


return _list;
JamesHurst 20-Feb-14 18:25pm    
Please do your answerers a courtesy, and state in your subject-line and at the beginning of your question: what technology or platform you're talking about! Your answer will be totally different, if you're refering to WPF, vs Windows Forms, vs ASP.NET, or JavaScript, etc.
agent_kruger 21-Feb-14 4:02am    
please use improve your question and reframe it as it is not understandable.

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