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Hi, I have table around 90 Columns. Now my problem is when I wish to use the Insert Command
it's not executing... The reason is that the command is very lengthy... So how to split the line ?

My Command

SqlCommand^ DetailedInsert = gcnew SqlCommand("Insert into Table1 (col1,col2,col3,...col90) values (val1,val2,val3,...val90)", SqlCon);


So that DatiledInsert Command Text is very lengthy, How to split that line?

Updated 20-Nov-13 22:30pm
KarstenK 21-Nov-13 4:44am    
Consider to redesign the database. Use some redunancy to clean up the fat tables. If you have different tables, the statement will get lighter.

This bad design will result in low performance of all operation.
agent_kruger 21-Nov-13 4:49am    
why do you need 90 columns?
CPallini 21-Nov-13 4:51am    
What is the error you get? Such a huge number of columns is probably poor design, however, I suppose, the database (and code) should handle it correctly.

1 solution

If your table has a unique key (or possibly several columns that are unique if taken together) you can first insert some columns (including the unique one(s)) and then update the row with several update commands like this
update Table1 set col11 = val11, col12 = val12 ... col20 = val20
where col1 = val1;

assuming column 1 is your unique key.
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Paramu1973 21-Nov-13 6:03am    
Nope...Its my requirement for diffrent purpose, so all comments are not gives a my requirement

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