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I've code as given below. Placed cursor on SelectSPName and pressed Shift+F12 to find all its reference. But it is not shown. How to identify all it's reference?
public partial class CUtilitiesConfig
    public override string SelectSPName
                return CUtilitiesConfig.ConstSelectSPName;

Updated 1-Mar-13 5:08am
phil.o 1-Mar-13 7:24am    
You do not show from which class your CUtilitiesConfig inherits.

To override something (property or method), it must be present in a base class ; if your class does not inherit a specific class, then it inherits the object class, on which you only have four elements to override : ToString(), GetHashCode(), Equals() and GetType().
Raja Soosai 1-Mar-13 7:30am    
The overriding is used to identifying at run time. You cant find its used areas at compile time.
Gajendra Yadav 1-Mar-13 10:11am    
Check Namespace is added properly or let me know

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Logically, you cannot know what references there are specifically to an overridden object - since the call is always written to the base class and diverted by the system to the "newest" overload at run time there are no specific references to a derived class version.
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