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I'm new to SQL and using c# .. I created a DB in sql server 2008 with several tables I also added data to some tables .. when I connect to the database in VS2010 I can see the DB name and all it's tables but when I try to show data of the tables I get an error saying: The specified module cannot be found ( Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

I even tried to make a new DB from VS2010 and when I try to add new tables I get the same error..

help please
Raja Soosai 1-Mar-13 7:24am    
As you didn't mentioned your actual code, i cant guess the problem. Its because of dll issue. please search it in google with key word of "HRESULT: 0x8007007E"
AseelHadlaq 1-Mar-13 7:29am    
I did try to search in google and I found several problems unrelated to VS too, I dont think it's related to the code because when I try to click on the tables in the server solution I get this error, I can see the name of the databases and the tables' names but I cannot click on them because of the error
Mike Meinz 1-Mar-13 8:44am    
There are several Google search results that indicate that you may nee to re-install one or more software components. I used these keywords 0x8007007e database

Here are three of the results. There are many more. You are going to have to read some of these, pick one or more that are closest to your error scenario and follow their recommendations to attempt to solve the problem.

DBML editor throws HRESULT 0x8007007E

The specified module could not be found. Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E

Visual C# 2010 Express - Error 0x8007007E
RedDk 1-Mar-13 13:53pm    
Might also check the DB using SQL Server Management Studio ... I'm assuming that's what you mean by "I created a DB in sql server 2008 with several tables ... etc". And by "related to the code" we're talking ... what now?

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