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I inherited a .NET web app within a company and I have had to migrate the app to another server running Windows 2019 server and IIS.

I have checked all settings are exactly the same as the app on old server (windows 2012 r2) and we have the DNS mapped. I have migrated the SQL Server Database to the new server too and changed the connection string in IIS at site level. I also setup an entry in "hosts" file on server and app opens on the server okay. I ensured the default documents match the app in IIS on old server too. However, on a remote machine it continually states

"HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found"

Usually 404 errors are 404.1 or 404.2 but this is simply 404

I wanted to setup Advanced Logging but apparently this facility is no longer available in Windows 2019 Server. I downloaded DebugDiag and set up a Crash rule for the application pool but it doesn't even create a file

I followed this guide to setup Failed Request Tracing but it does not create a file either - IIS 7 Failed Request Tracing - YouTube[^]

Can someone please give me some guidance on how to resolve this

What I have tried:

Following this guide to setup Failed Request Tracing

IIS 7 Failed Request Tracing - YouTube[^]

Setup a crash rule in DebugDiag but no file is created

Checked all settings comparing site on old server
Richard Deeming 4-Oct-21 4:42am    
Since it works when you access the site directly on the server, it sounds like a problem with the connection to the server, rather than the server or code itself.

Have you checked the Windows Firewall settings?
jar8695 5-Oct-21 15:13pm    
Thanks Richard - I discovered one problem and resolved it and it was a permissions issue. However, I am still getting the 404 error but now it is passed the first permissions issue the Failed Request Tracing has created files and what it is failing on is - url="http://the". In Scripts folder there is a JS framework file modernizr-2.6.2 and in the Modernizr site this was released in 2013. I suspect modernizr-2.6.2 is not compatible with windows server 2019. However, I cannot seem to find a straight download of latest version!!!
Richard Deeming 6-Oct-21 3:27am    
Modernizr is a Javascript file; the server you host it on isn't the issue. The problem is that your page is requesting modernizr-custom.js, which doesn't exist, rather than moderniz-2.6.2.js, which does exist.

If you want a newer version, you can download the files from the Modernizr site - the latest version is 3.5.0 from 2017:
Modernizr: the feature detection library for HTML5/CSS3[^]

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