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ex: I have a series of PictureBoxes (10 rows x 6 columns) internal to a panel, I do not use datagrdiview.

I have to understand when the PicureBox I drag arrives at row 6, to increase the VertScrollBar.Value, to display the next line

with MouseHover and MouseMove I can get to know the potion of each PictureBox, I have to 

during Drag&Drop does not trigger the MouseMove event.

There is no DragMove event

What I have tried:

pictBox[i].MouseHover += new EventHandler(picHover_Click);
                pictBox[i].MouseLeave += new EventHandler(picLeave_Click);
                pictBox[i].MouseDown += picture_MouseDown;
                pictBox[i].MouseMove += picture_MouseMove;
                pictBox[i].AllowDrop = true;

private void picture_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
            lblMesg.Visible = true;
            lblMesg.Text = pnlCatalogo.VerticalScroll.Value.ToString() + " - " + ThumbActive.ToString();
Updated 28-Nov-20 21:56pm
BillWoodruff 28-Nov-20 23:55pm
WinForms ?

Since a Panel has no row/column/grid structure, you need to explain what those terms mean.

Is this question about design-time drag-drop ? If it is about run-time drag-drop, then: where does the PictureBox you drag come FROM ... you create a new one in code ?

Is it possible all you really want to do is MOVE the PictureBox, and make it "snap" to some location ?
Member 13174280 29-Nov-20 3:52am
just know the position of the cursor while dragging.
I am trying the solution by dragleave event

Put a transparent panel over your 10 x 6 picture boxes, and wire up your events to that. Convert the mouse coordinates to a "row and column" (math).
This a possible solution

//Yposition = mouse position to verify

private void pict_DragLeave(object sender, EventArgs e)
  if (Control.MousePosition.Y > Yposition)
     pnlCatalogo.VerticalScroll.Value = pnlCatalogo.VerticalScroll.Value + 200;

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