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i have a app , this app encoded string to base64 , but i think encrypted using aes or rsa

how can i decrypt this string using brutofrce or any way ?



i want decode in c#

What I have tried:

Not tried any , because after decode with base64 not see correct byte or string.
Updated 28-Nov-20 8:34am
BillWoodruff 28-Nov-20 7:20am
do you have the password or decryption key ?
Member 14719609 28-Nov-20 7:54am
i have not any key , i have entered:

myusername encrypted to : iWX/pVPD5TsO1fZJmSL+0w==

mypassword encrypted to : uPPVU/p8ceuRMwGczcZoHA==

allways encoded string will change , after some time again :

myusername encrypted to : OLDb8xNGi9SsAGLjRmymEg==

mypassword encrypted to : JTrWvWrgAQzDSVbwfzUIJQ==

in the first connection to server , server send Two string :

1 - <servertime>2020-08-21 15:26:03

Richard MacCutchan 28-Nov-20 7:52am
You first need to check the encryption code to find out how to decrypt it. Without that information and any password it is pretty much impossible.
Member 14719609 28-Nov-20 7:57am
but this is application , i have not source code to check it.
How can i check or find encrypted method ?
Richard MacCutchan 28-Nov-20 9:44am
How should we know? We have even less information about this code.
BillWoodruff 28-Nov-20 8:50am
What makes you think it is possible to decrypt a file encoded with such strong encryption ?
Member 14719609 28-Nov-20 8:54am
another Coder( my friend ) make it and decrypted , and created new windows form with his form.
im sure can find way , but need much work.
Richard MacCutchan 28-Nov-20 9:45am
Then why are you posting this question here instead of asking your friend?
Member 14719609 28-Nov-20 11:46am
i ask already , but He not share the way.
Richard MacCutchan 28-Nov-20 12:29pm
Well he is the only person in the world who can provide the answer to your question.
Member 14719609 28-Nov-20 13:33pm
i will find way very soon

i think this is Method :

i will work on it , i ask here for find the brutforce or any fasten way to resolve this issue
Richard MacCutchan 28-Nov-20 14:56pm
Think about it, if brute force decryption was easy then encryption would be a waste of time.

That's not encrypted: it's base64 encoded.
But what is encoded is probably a hashed value of some form - unless you have access to the source code that is encrypting the data you stand pretty much no chance of working out what is stored - especially as that hashed value appears to be salted (the same input does not always give you are same output) and almost certainly is used to fetch data from a DB rather than containing the "raw" information itself.

Without the source - and probably access to the DB - you stand no chance at all of getting "your data" back from the Base64 string you have access to.
Passwords are usually encrypted with "one way trap door" algorithms, they cannot be decrypted back in reverse order. The server authenticates those only by comparing the two hashes, one that you send and the other that is stored on the server side but there is no decryption step involved when authenticating
Member 14719609 28-Nov-20 9:07am
but this is not only password , this application send and recived 4 time field from server and client , all send and recive data , recived data from server also encrypted and after Recive with windows form decrypted and Show in form.
steveb 28-Nov-20 9:18am
To decrypt you need to know what algorithm they use SHA256, SHA128, etc. And you need to know the "public key".
Member 14719609 28-Nov-20 11:47am
No have public key :(
The first step is to convert the base back to a stream of bytes. That's easy.

The hard part is decrypting the stream of bytes. To do this, you MUST know the following:

1) Which algorithm was used to encrypt the data
2) the key to be used to decrypt it

Without that, you're wasting your time.

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