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DataTable dt = new DataTable();
DateTime time = DateTime.Now.AddHours(10.30);
dt =DAL.Registration_Master.View(time).ToString();//error

//Error Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'System.Data.DataTable'

//What is the solution for that?

Even when i convert it like

dt =Convert.ToDateTime(DAL.Registration_Master.View(time).ToString());

but still it gives me error..
Updated 11-Dec-12 22:58pm
choudhary.sumit 12-Dec-12 4:55am
what you want to do with this piece of code??
Mendor81 12-Dec-12 4:58am
I don't get what your trying to do, i suppose that in the datatable you try to fill in a field with the current time.
What is this line? "DAL.Registration_Master.View(time)" ??

The error is pretty clear you can't cast datetime into a datatable object via string.
choudhary.sumit 12-Dec-12 5:01am
what are you doing? what is your purpose?? be clear?

You are trying to assign String value to DataTable.
dt =Convert.ToDateTime(DAL.Registration_Master.View(time).ToString());

You cannot directly assign string value to DataTable.
you can assign the values to data table after creating columns into it.
I guess, you may want code like this
string dtt = DAL.Registration_Master.View(time).ToString();
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
DataColumn dc = new DataColumn();
dc.ColumnName = "Date";


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