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I added a row to my table and stored procedure in sql,and in my asp project I search for classes that is related to this table and change them(I made change In DLL and BLL folder and constructor..) but It doesnt work and dont understand that row in project...
If I want to add row in sql and use in ASP how should I do that?
please help me..
thank's a lot.

public ProductDetails(Int32 productId, String productName, Int32 categoryId, String categoryName, Decimal price, Byte discount, Byte[] productImageTumb, Byte[] productImage,DateTime createdDate,String description,Boolean isActive,Int32 salesCount)
           ProductId = productId;
           ProductName = productName;
           CategoryId = categoryId;
           CategoryName = categoryName;
           Price = price;
           Discount = discount;
           ProductImageTumb = productImageTumb;
           ProductImage = productImage;
           CreatedDate = createdDate;
           Description = description;
           IsActive = isActive;
           SalesCount = salesCount;
Updated 5-Dec-12 10:10am
AnalogNerd 5-Dec-12 15:03pm    
Saying "it doesn't work" is too vague to provide you any useful information. What error are you getting? Show the error, or your code.

1 solution

Please update reference of DLL and BLL that exists in Bin folder of project. If there is any changes in DLL and BLL then it is necessary to update reference for using it it your .aspx page.

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