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I'm getting this error:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
on this line:
if (isDone.get_Value(oMissing).ToString() == "1")
in the following code:
using xlNS = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel;

xlNS.Range isDone;
isDone = targetSheet.get_Range("AA23", "AA23");

if (isDone.get_Value(oMissing).ToString() == "1")
        //Do things

My original value of isDone was:
isDone = targetSheet.get_Range("AA22", "AA22");
but I found out that I was overwriting an existing value on AA22, so I turned it into AA23. this little change resulted in the error. I have no idea why and how to fix it...
Mendor81 30-Nov-12 6:44am    
So basicly the AA23 cell is empty?
and it worked with the AA22?

And what and where is oMissing declared/instantiated ?
Frans Jan 30-Nov-12 7:03am    
AA23 is not empty. It has a IF statement, with 0 when true and 1 when false. Default is true, so it's default value is zero, not empty.
object oMissing = Type.Missing;

1 solution

I personally would try to use

if(targetSheet.Cells[22, 27].equals("1"))
//do things
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