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this may or may not be a stupid question but i was cleaning up my code on a program i wrote for several week's now and although it's not an error i get a warning message in VS2010 on 2 files

Warning	2	Referenced assembly 'obj\Debug\Interop.Shell32.dll' targets a different processor than the application.
Warning	1	Referenced assembly 'obj\Debug\Interop.MSHTML.dll' targets a different processor than the application.

Any idea how to fix this?
The build is targeting "Any CPU"
Richard MacCutchan 28-Nov-12 9:32am
Where did these two DLLs come from and why do you have them in your project directories, rather than using the standard ones installed on your system?
Mendor81 28-Nov-12 9:48am
I needed the Interop dll for some functions related to an external exe i need to execute at one moment of time, and editing and scraping some html files. I just added the references of my system files, but the references are set to copy local = true,
if i switch that to false i get errors like:

Error 2 Assembly 'obj\Debug\Interop.Shell32.dll' must be strong signed in order to be marked as a prerequisite.

Mendor81 28-Nov-12 10:03am
Finally, after the 3rd rebuild of the project the warnings disappeared... weird but thanks!
Mohd. Mukhtar 28-Nov-12 10:34am
Cool :-)
Mendor81 28-Nov-12 9:18am
I've checked 3 times and every compile property is correctly set to Any CPU, and i'm not working on 64bit either. any other suggestions?

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