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I am using the following function , for a image processing algorithm.

__m128i _mm_srli_si128 (__m128i a, int imm);


imm -> is a compile time constant.. ( 0, 1, 2 ......)

But, I would be calculating "imm" at run time only, and I can have any values from " 1 to 20 " which means.. I would to duplicate the same "function call" for different values of "imm" ... something like this.



case 1 : __m128i _mm_srli_si128 (__m128i a, 1);

break ;

case 2 : __m128i _mm_srli_si128 (__m128i a, 2);

break ;

case 3 : __m128i _mm_srli_si128 (__m128i a, 3);

break ;

/* this redundant code has to be written for 20 times !!!! */


How can I get-around this problem, Please help.
Updated 8-Oct-12 22:18pm
Jochen Arndt 9-Oct-12 4:32am    
I think there is no better solution than using a switch clause because imm is an immediate.
Vijay Rajanna 11-Oct-12 1:31am    
Thanks for the info, yes even I learnt that there is no other way to handle it better.

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