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class A
    /// some variables
    bool isCorrect;
    public Button1_click()
    public Button2_click()
        ...some action

Button2_click is call after 1, due to postback the value gets reset.
How this can be avoided? Also the Session/ViewState can't be used.
Any suggestion?
Updated 8-Aug-12 2:45am
can you explain your scenario better with the code you have tried..

You have not shared a lot just a scneario, possible way leaving session out is making the variable 'static'.

P.S.: You need to see if that is what you are after or not.
Hardik Turakhia 8-Aug-12 7:57am
@prasad: it can't be static as the same class would be running in multiple instance and the field can't have same value for all instance
Timberbird 8-Aug-12 8:31am
Static "sessionID - isCorrect" dictionary? Application state? Cache object?

If you need to keep this variable live then Seession/ViewState/Cookies may help you. or you can serialize this object and store it in hidden field.

hope this information helps you

-Amit Gajjar
Hardik Turakhia 8-Aug-12 8:09am
@Amitgajjar : the value is critical and can't be allow to be played by users
AmitGajjar 8-Aug-12 8:38am
then encrypt and store in the hidden field. or you can store session variables in sql server.

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