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I have a Solution for adding new row directly to datagridview in c#,
but in this solution when i press save button,new row added to database.
How can i do this without any extra button and when i click other row or
add another row my row added automatically.

The Save Button Calls following procedure:
private void AddRowToTable()
           if (passGrid.Rows[TotRowCount].Cells[1].Value.ToString() != "")
               UserName = passGrid.Rows[TotRowCount].Cells[1].FormattedValue.ToString();
           else {UserName = null; }
           if (passGrid.Rows[TotRowCount].Cells[2].Value.ToString() != "")
               Password = passGrid.Rows[TotRowCount].Cells[2].Value.ToString();
           else { Password = null; }
               var dbCnn = ConnClass.ConDB();
                   PassWord pas = new PassWord();
                   if (UserName != null || Password != null)
                       pas.UserName = UserName;
                       pas.PassWord1 = Password;
                       InitRowCount = passGrid.RowCount;
           }//end try
           catch (Exception ex)
               throw ex;


Where i can write the code of save button?

in which event or code?

Please help me.

Updated 8-Aug-12 0:44am
what code do you have in BindDataGridView() method...

1 solution

I would make the changes on the database, clear the Grid and reload the table. In this way you avoid having a connection open all the time, and is an easy and fast way of modifying a table.

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