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Dear FRIENDS , have a good day !!

I have Created a Web application using ASP.NET,C#,SQLSERVER 2005. its running fine.

I have used CSS in this application.

our default browser is Internet explorer. My application is looking with good design in GOOGLE Chrome...,but its not looking good in Internet Explorer ROUNDED CORNERS are disabled in IE.

rounded corners for buttons texboxes are not working in IE...but its working in CHROME.

Please help how to set the browser settings.

Are you using CSS3? and Which version of IE you are using?

1. Never give height or width in px..unless it is necessary.
2. Never give <table cellpadding="2" ... instead apply padding class from Css.
3. If u are writtnig document.getElementById somewhere in ur Client side fucntion and if u have the <as:Scriptmanager with u then use $get...
i.e instead of document.getElementById("objID"); write $get("objID"); //as $get is browsewr compatible
4. If u have written code to hide < tr > remove that and palce a div in the tr and then show hide that div.. bcoz it does not work in Mozilla.
5. Avoid writing rowspan and colspans.
6. Write the java script function at the end of ur aspx page.
Have a look ate the xhtml standards

refer these links:
HOW TO make web pages "cross browser"

Top 10 Tips:

Browser-Tutorial for knowledege abt screen size& browsers:
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..and have a look on some more threads:
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For your scripts refer this:
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For Old Version browsers i.e IE6 refer this:
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Hope it helps!
AshishChaudha 8-Aug-12 8:29am
Good +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 8-Aug-12 8:32am
Thank you Ashish!
Volynsky Alex 8-Aug-12 19:06pm
Prasad_Kulkarni 8-Aug-12 23:57pm
Thank you Alex! But Where's 5?
Volynsky Alex 9-Aug-12 3:58am
Now it's OK :)
Prasad_Kulkarni 9-Aug-12 4:56am
Yep :D
Volynsky Alex 9-Aug-12 6:58am
You are welcome Prasad_Kulkarni :)
This is because you are not taking care of cross browser compatibility. Some of the css doesn't support all the browsers like "Rounded Corner" .
Refer the links below:
The Principles Of Cross-Browser CSS Coding[^]
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