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Hi!I have a gridview on my form and that gridview has fields.Among the fields there 2 fields that I dont want them to be visible to the user.What I ve did is to delete them but it keep DataKeyNames="EventsID,Id_Stadium".Those are the fieds that I am talkin about.Events is a primary key and Id_Stadium is foreign key.
then my problem is when selecting a row it should give me the specifik information by displaying the 2 fields on the other form.
I am using the bellow method to do that.But It dispaly on the other form the EventID 2 times.Help fixing this!

protected void GridView1_SelectedIndexChanging(object sender, GridViewSelectEventArgs e)
      int newIndex = e.NewSelectedIndex;//Row that the user is selecting(!e is a parameter)
      object EventID = GridView1.DataKeys[newIndex].Value;
      object stadiumID = GridView1.DataKeys[newIndex].Value;
          string Game = GridView1.Rows[newIndex].Cells[0].Text;
      string Location = GridView1.Rows[newIndex].Cells[1].Text;
      string Stadium = GridView1.Rows[newIndex].Cells[2].Text;
      string Date = GridView1.Rows[newIndex].Cells[3].Text;
      string Hour = GridView1.Rows[newIndex].Cells[4].Text;
      Session["data"]= string.Format("Event:{0}<br />Location:{1}<br />Stadium name:{2}<br />Date:{3}", Game, Location, Stadium, Date);
      Session["StadeID"] = stadiumID;
      Session["EventID"] = EventID;

Updated 6-Mar-12 4:31am
Mahmud Hasan 6-Mar-12 8:45am
Can you re-phrase your problem. By the way edited your question for better code formatting.
Shahin Khorshidnia 6-Mar-12 9:20am
What's the name of current page? BuyTicketPage.aspx or other?

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