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Can anyone please point me to a concise and to the point tutorial on how to use Webtest?
(Not the MS one. I found that one and it is here[^])
Thank you.
Updated 11-Dec-11 0:05am
DaveAuld 11-Dec-11 4:33am
So you managed to tell us which one it is not.........would it not have been easier to tell us which one it is!
OriginalGriff 11-Dec-11 4:37am
Are you going all Zen on us due to enforced incarceration in the North Sea, Dave? :laugh:
BTW: are you back or going to get back soon?
DaveAuld 11-Dec-11 5:02am
See lounge post.......:)
Alberto Bar-Noy 11-Dec-11 5:53am
Well it says Google it first so I did and that is what I found :(
DaveAuld 11-Dec-11 6:02am
Well who wrote it? do you have a link to somewhere? If you googled and didn't find it, then how are we meant to know which 'webtest' you are on about.......think about it!
Alberto Bar-Noy 11-Dec-11 6:05am
Point taken... improving (did you find a good tree yet?)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Dec-11 22:52pm
And what is that? Canoo WebTest, or something else?

What happened to your Google. Did they ban you?
Alberto Bar-Noy 12-Dec-11 23:28pm
is it Microsoft webtest tutorial which is what I need and asked for?

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