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Can any one practically guide me as what is the difference of Response.Redirect - True / False, I mean

Response.Redirect('Default.aspx",True)     V/s    Response.Redirect('Default.aspx",False)

Redirects a client to a new URL.Specifies the new URL and whether execution of the current page should terminate. for more info please search by Google.
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Response.Redirect(Default.aspx,True)     V/s    Response.Redirect(Default.aspx,False)></b>

If you are processing page &quot;A&quot; an then you issue a redirect


The client will be sent the redirect for the new page and Page &quot;A&quot; will immediately stop processing as a thread abort will occur.  This is the default behavior of a redirect.

If you issued the redirect as


Then the client will be sent the redirect for the new page, but Page &quot;A&quot; will be allowed to continue processing.  Perhaps page &quot;A&quot; has cleanup work to do or something.  The client will never see the results from page &quot;A&quot; as they were redirected.</pre>
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