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what does "- > " operator in C# mean
Updated 9-May-11 0:50am
Groulien 9-May-11 4:56am    
Don't you mean => ?

That's the dereference operator (->), which works very similar to the same operator in C++. It is used to access member and methods of a class or structure over a pointer. In C# you can use pointers in unsafe code only, so under normal conditions you will not encounter pointers and the need to dereference them too often.
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ambarishtv 9-May-11 5:01am    
could you please give an example?
[no name] 9-May-11 5:03am    
look here:
ambarishtv 9-May-11 5:53am    
my five :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-May-11 11:12am    
Great, but... Would you find the referenced document in English? :-)
Also, please explain that this is only in unsafe code, and where....
[no name] 10-May-11 1:32am    
Ooops. That happens when you switch between languages all day. Here you go, all that microsoft has to say about unsafe code with lots of links:
I think you mean '=>'.
It's used for Lambda expressions
Here's a quote from MSDN:
"A lambda expression is an anonymous function that can contain expressions and statements, and can be used to create delegates or expression tree types."
Might I recommend:
Exploring Lambda Expression in C#[^]
Lambda @ MSDN[^]
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Steven.Pinto wrote:
what does "-- > " operator in C# mean

Syntax error!
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Alexandru Ghiondea 22-Jul-11 12:51pm    
It depends :). You can use it like this:

int a = 10;
while (a --> 10)


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