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Morning all.

Years ago coding with c++ I remeber customising how the IDE displays variables in the watch window. In other words I could tell VS how your custom Vector class should be displayed for debugging so I did not have to expand the watch object.

For example

class Vector
 float x, y, z;

Could be displayed as { x : 1.0f, y : 2.0f, z : 3.0f } in the Value column.

I cannot for th life of me remeber how to do this and I am unable to find any hints on this for C# and VS2010.

Any ideas?
PaulPrice 6-Jan-11 4:10am    
The visualisers mentioned below look like a step in the right direction, and I will definately look into these.

I notice from my first glance that the Visualisers are based in PopUp windows, I am rather hoping to simply have the Watch list automatically display the relevant contents of my object, is this possible?

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JF2015 6-Jan-11 4:07am    
Good links!
Nuri Ismail 6-Jan-11 4:11am    
Thank you! :)
Take a look at this:

Might be what you are looking for ...

Espen Harlinn
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