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ok so im not sure how to start this i have a huge text file with loads of value and pairs and i want to be able to edit them before i save out i was thinking text file and resorcrs but i have seen that you cant edit embeded recorces so not sure how to go on form this point here is the file i want to change values off

paste.bin - file format[^]

i want to be able to edit the top name

and able to edit all values inside of the brackets as well then once all is edited i want to save the edited one back out but not sure how to get all these in as like a template so i can programicly change values as the file is big just wondring how people would go about doing this and what the best approch is

What I have tried:

looked into dicunary but no luck as some keys are the same so get errors
Updated 27-Mar-19 9:01am
Richard MacCutchan 27-Mar-19 10:50am    
The best choice would probably be to convert it to JSON (which it already looks a bit like) or XML. That is a one time action so once you have done that it becomes fairly easy to perform future updates.
elfenliedtopfan5 27-Mar-19 11:13am    
i was thinking xml but the issue being i have to save it out to be tottaly diffent type like form xml to file type called gdt not sure if thats possible or not and if i was to go about doing it xml way how could i format it ?
Richard MacCutchan 27-Mar-19 11:27am    
Then I guess you need to write a program that can read and write gdt file types (whatever they may be).
elfenliedtopfan5 27-Mar-19 11:57am    
gdt is the file i posted thats its format its just short for gamedatatable and the text i posted is the contence of that file
Richard MacCutchan 27-Mar-19 12:20pm    
OK, so you know the format of the data you now need to figure out how to read that into a manageable format in your program. Or, you could try Google to see if there is a library already written to help you.

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