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Hello , I'm working with an SDI :I have two splitter windows :the left splitter is for TreeView and the second is to show views related to selected tree item.
Any help how by clicking in one selected treeitem , a view is shown in the left splitter.

What I have tried:

void CConnecterView::OnSelchanged(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult)
	*pResult = 0;
	CIntClientDoc* pDoc = GetDocument();
	//CDocument* pDoc = GetDocument();

	// Get a reference to the tree control
	CTreeCtrl &ctlLeagues = this->GetTreeCtrl();
	// Find out what item is selected in the tree
	HTREEITEM nodSelected = ctlLeagues.GetSelectedItem();
	// Get the string of the selected node
	CString strSelected = ctlLeagues.GetItemText(nodSelected);
	// Just in case the selected node as a parent, get that parent
	HTREEITEM nodParentLeague = ctlLeagues.GetParentItem(nodSelected);
	// Find the string of the parent of the selected node, if it has a parent
	CString strParentLeague = ctlLeagues.GetItemText(nodParentLeague);
	// Now you can react depending on the selected node
	if (strSelected == "Connecter")
Updated 28-Aug-18 3:28am
Jochen Arndt 28-Aug-18 7:04am
What is the problem?
You have access to the right view instance via the document and can call therefore any member functions. With views you can override OnUpdate() and act according to the passed arguments (e.g. passing a pointer to the string in the pHint parameter).

Capture WM_NOTIFY messages and check for TVN_SELCHANGED. The notification message will contain the details of which item has been selected. You can use that to pass a message to the View which can update itself.
[no name] 2-Sep-18 12:41pm
A 1 is not fair, try to give my small 5 to compensate
Richard MacCutchan 3-Sep-18 6:57am
Thank you. But one-votes really do not hurt me.
have you a simple example how to manage selecting tree item .
Nelek 28-Aug-18 9:58am
Please use the "Have a question or comment" widget if you want to speak with someone in concrete (as I am doing right now with this message to your non solution #2)

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