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The serial numbers should be correct in the consecutive pages.

What I have tried:

I tried providing serial number directly from the database using offset calculations. I also tried providing the 'Container.ItemIndex + 1'. Can someone provide a better solution?
Updated 28-Aug-18 7:18am
Mike V Baker 27-Aug-18 11:45am
This question doesn't give me any clue what you're trying to do. In the 'What I have tried' section you need to include the code you're using, what you expect it to do, and what it's actually doing.

Assuming you're using the ListView control[^], you'll need to use Container.DataItemIndex instead of Container.ItemIndex.

ListViewItem.DataItemIndex Property (System.Web.UI.WebControls) | Microsoft Docs[^]

    <%#: Container.DataItemIndex + 1 %>
jazygift 28-Aug-18 12:23pm
I tried that one and still the next page index number starts from 1.
Richard Deeming 28-Aug-18 12:25pm
How are you binding the data to the ListView?
jazygift 28-Aug-18 12:35pm
pagininfo.Offset = (pagininfo.CurrentPage - 1) * pagininfo.PageCount;
pagininfo.SortColumn = hiddenSort.Value;
DataTable dt = performance.GetAll(pagininfo);
Richard Deeming 28-Aug-18 12:39pm
So the ListView doesn't actually know anything about which page it's on?

Store the index of the first record in the page in a public property, backed by ViewState. Update the offset when you bind the ListView. Add the value of that property to the index you display.

public int FirstRecordIndex
    get { return (int?)ViewState["FirstRecordIndex"] ?? 0; }
    set { ViewState["FirstRecordIndex"] = value; }

    <%# FirstRecordIndex + Container.DataItemIndex + 1 %>
jazygift 28-Aug-18 13:05pm
This one worked !!!
Thanks a lot.

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