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In my Activity I use a class which extends from AsyncTask and a parameter which is an instance of that AsyncTask. When I call readRss.execute() everything is fine. But the app crash when I want to update which calls again the readRss.execute(). Cause then appears an Exception which says :
Cannot execute task: the task has already been executed (a task can be executed only once)

I don't want to create new instances of the Asyntask.
public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
RecyclerView recyclerView;
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    recyclerView = (RecyclerView) findViewById(;

    final ReadRss readRss = new ReadRss(this, recyclerView);

final SwipeRefreshLayout pullToRefresh = (SwipeRefreshLayout) 
SwipeRefreshLayout.OnRefreshListener() {
    public void onRefresh() {



this ReadRss class :
public class ReadRss extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, Void> {
Context context;
String address = "";
ProgressDialog progressDialog;
ArrayList<FeedItem> feedItems;
RecyclerView recyclerView;
URL url;

public ReadRss(Context context, RecyclerView recyclerView) {
    this.recyclerView = recyclerView;
    this.context = context;
    progressDialog = new ProgressDialog(context);

protected void onPreExecute() {;

What I have tried:

this work but Idont think this is the right way :
call new ReadRss(this, recyclerView).execute();
David Crow 10-Aug-18 9:46am
"but Idont think this is the right way"

Why not?
Mike V Baker 10-Aug-18 9:48am
Why don't you want to create new instances of the AsyncTask? I believe the right way to do it is to create an AsyncTask, use it, let it go out of scope and get cleaned.

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