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hi to all

I am building a webpage in

In the webpage, i am using a webcam flash/javascript component. webcamjs from

The objective is to save a picture in a given moment.

In my pc everything works fine, when i publish the project on IIS (8.5) (win server 2012 R2), i get nothing, not even the adobe privacy pop-up question.

i think this is a permission/configuration problem with flash, i just don't know how to do it.

some guidance would be apreciated

thanks for the time and reply

What I have tried:

i have installed on the iis server machine, the latest version of java virtual machine. I enabled flash... i tryed on the iis manager some changes (virtualpool, mime,...)
Updated 19-Jul-18 4:02am
Jochen Arndt 19-Jul-18 6:53am
Not an answer to your question but you should think about using other methods like HTML5 instead of Flash. That applies especially when your web page should be public and useable for more than two years. Flash will be not updated and distributed anymore at the end of 2020.
Richard Deeming 19-Jul-18 9:09am
A quick look at the site suggests that it's already using HTML5. The Flash component is only provided as a fallback for older browsers.
Jochen Arndt 19-Jul-18 9:19am
I did not checked the component site.

It might be then even not Flash related but a HTML5 or script related problem.

If they have a support forum or something like that it would be probably better to ask there.
Richard Deeming 19-Jul-18 9:16am
That project is no longer being maintained, as of February 2017:

"WebcamJS v1.x is going into maintenance mode as of Feb 11, 2017. That means I will only be able to fix critical bugs from here on in. I will not be adding any new features, or accepting any new PRs into this version. I am working on an all-new WebcamJS v2.0 implementation, which will feature real-time canvas effects, and plugin drivers for mobile support." - Joseph Huckaby on GitHub[^]

That page suggests using JpegCamera[^] instead. But that project also says "This project is no longer actively maintained".

You might need to call the underlying API instead - but be aware that Internet Explorer is not supported:
MediaDevices.getUserMedia() - Web APIs | MDN[^]
Richard Deeming 19-Jul-18 9:18am
Oh, and despite the similar names, "Java" and "Javascript" are totally different things. You don't need to install the Java Virtual Machine, and unless you're actually using it for something, you should probably remove it.
Richard Deeming 19-Jul-18 9:20am
One other consideration: getUserMedia only works on HTTPS sites. If you're loading your site over HTTP, it won't work; but the library probably isn't falling back to the Flash alternative.
chamuça 20-Jul-18 10:29am
hi to all

thanks for the replies.

first of all this webpage is not public. the project is published in the intranet of the company where i work.

I am limited to use only internet explorer (web applications), and for what i read getusermedia is not available on IE. I saw i few workarounds but i didn't get them to work.

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