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I had two workstations set up to allow Remote Desktop connections via specific ports, both from within my lan and from outside. Both were working perfectly. I did a clean re-install of Windows 10 on one of them and now cannot get Remote Desktop to connect from outside. Registry is configured properly, firewall rule is identical to the working workstation, and connections work from within the lan, just not from outside. Any thoughts on how to determine what's blocking the connection?
Suvendu Shekhar Giri 5-Nov-15 15:34pm
Check this, if it helps-
RDC not connecting outside network [^]
Sergey Kizyan 6-Nov-15 14:42pm
Can you ping computer from external network? Is it visible?
mlowry 6-Nov-15 16:12pm
Thanks for the reference to the outside port scanning tool. It confirms no response on the specified port, and good response on the working system. Firewall is configured with port open. Netstat -a confirms port is listening, but for some reason the outside world isn't being responded to.

Windows have different rules depending on the origin of the incoming request.
Every service that listen to the network have a setting for your private/secure network and another one for public/insecure network.
You have to check the firewall and router too.
The solution was simple (stupid): when I reinstalled I neglected to re-establish the fixed IP address, so the port forwarding in the router no longer could connect to my machine from outside. When I set the correct IP address, everything works fine.

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