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<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Departure Date" meta:resourcekey="TemplateFieldResource7"   >
                           <asp:Repeater ID="repSector" runat="server" DataSource='<%# CType(Container.DataItem,System.Data.DataRowView).Row.GetChildRows("Booking_Part_TO_Sector_FK") %>'>
                                   <asp:Label ID="Label6" SortExpression ="DepartureDateTime" CssClass="block" Text='<%# String.Format( "{0:dd-MMM-yyyy}", DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "(dep_datetime)") ) %>'
                                       runat="server" meta:resourcekey="Label6ResourceKey" />
                       <ItemStyle Font-Bold="False" Width="8em" />
Member 11491784 18-Jun-15 3:58am
I want to sort data according to DepartureDate time and arrival date time, but i dont know how to do this at the time of Databind
Andy Lanng 18-Jun-15 4:39am
You can to it before databind. Why do you have to do it at the time of databind?
Member 11491784 18-Jun-15 6:10am
What do you mean by before, it is coming from database and populating the labels
Dev O'Connor 18-Jun-15 6:11am
What format is your Data Source in? Dataset? DataTable? SQL/ODBC DataReader?
Member 11491784 18-Jun-15 6:12am
Dim ReturnedDataSet As New DataSet
Member 11491784 18-Jun-15 6:12am
Dim ReturnedDataSet As New DataSet
Dev O'Connor 18-Jun-15 6:12am
Ok give me a mo
Dev O'Connor 18-Jun-15 12:23pm
Please mark the answer as the solution if this has resolved your question.

Thank you

1 solution


you really should do this when selecting the data originally however if this is not achieveable you can use the following

Solution 1 - Better solution causes less overhead and lets SQL provider/server do the work.
Dim strSQL as string = "SELECT * FROM TravelData ORDER BY DepartureDate ASC, ArrivalDate ASC"

Solution 2:
Private Sub GrabData()
    'Your Data Set
    Dim ReturnedDataSet As New DataSet

    '   Perform population here of your dataset

    'Perform The Sort
    Dim tmpDataView As New DataView(ReturnedDataSet.Tables(0)) With {.Sort = "DepartureDate ASC, ArriveDate ASC"}

    'Remove Original and Add
    ReturnedDataSet.Tables.Remove(0) : ReturnedDataSet.Tables.Add(tmpDataView.ToTable)

    MyDataGrid.DataSource = ReturnedDataSet

End Sub

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