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GeneralRe: Printing w/out Crystal Report in VBNet Pin
Tom John9-Nov-04 6:55
MemberTom John9-Nov-04 6:55 
QuestionHow to get domain name of specific computer? Pin
dungle308-Nov-04 21:42
Memberdungle308-Nov-04 21:42 
Questionhow to change datagrid properties? Pin
Lisana8-Nov-04 20:43
MemberLisana8-Nov-04 20:43 
QuestionHow to add dataset values to Crystal Report fields Pin
Jeevan anjna8-Nov-04 20:42
MemberJeevan anjna8-Nov-04 20:42 
GeneralThread Problem Pin
Sumit Domyan8-Nov-04 19:14
MemberSumit Domyan8-Nov-04 19:14 
GeneralRe: Thread Problem Pin
Fade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:31
MemberFade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:31 
GeneralRe: Thread Problem Pin
Sumit Domyan10-Nov-04 19:10
MemberSumit Domyan10-Nov-04 19:10 
GeneralRe: Thread Problem Pin
Fade (Amit BS)13-Nov-04 23:30
MemberFade (Amit BS)13-Nov-04 23:30 
invoker = New GeneralDelegate(AddressOf RefreshUserList)<br />

that's a code from the PopulateUsers() sub... unless i'm missing something this kind of action will create threads until something bad will happen , am i missing something Confused | :confused: ?

i'll assume that either i am, or you have modified the code to invoke the RefreshUserList sub every 5.
now i think that it might be best not the destroy the previously created thread, but to monitor it's existence, possible by using a global or shared boolean member probably named 'blRefreshingUserList', each time you enter your timer event, before you create a new thread check and see whether the previous one has finished.

Although i don't see a scenario in which you won't finish refreshing in 5 secs. in 5 secs you can add A LOT or info, i think that something else is wrong,
if you wold like to send me the code and tell me what you want it to do, i'll check it and see why it is not working.

if not, you may also present more info so i can help you better, your choice (i won't steal your code anyway though)

Fade (Amit BS)
GeneralCapture an HTML document as an image Pin
ddd ssss8-Nov-04 18:52
Memberddd ssss8-Nov-04 18:52 
GeneralDisplay non duplicate data in combobox Pin
CelesterMok8-Nov-04 16:22
MemberCelesterMok8-Nov-04 16:22 
GeneralQuestions Pin
Tech 4 a dummy8-Nov-04 15:57
MemberTech 4 a dummy8-Nov-04 15:57 
GeneralRe: Questions Pin
Tom John9-Nov-04 4:08
MemberTom John9-Nov-04 4:08 
GeneralRe: Questions Pin
Tech 4 a dummy9-Nov-04 14:44
MemberTech 4 a dummy9-Nov-04 14:44 
GeneralRe: Questions Pin
Tom John9-Nov-04 23:25
MemberTom John9-Nov-04 23:25 
GeneralToolbar button images not being diplayed Pin
Verolix8-Nov-04 14:16
MemberVerolix8-Nov-04 14:16 
GeneralDisabling combobox items... Pin
Tim8w8-Nov-04 13:28
MemberTim8w8-Nov-04 13:28 
GeneralRe: Disabling combobox items... Pin
Dave Kreskowiak8-Nov-04 18:53
mveDave Kreskowiak8-Nov-04 18:53 
GeneralRe: Disabling combobox items... Pin
Tom John9-Nov-04 8:36
MemberTom John9-Nov-04 8:36 
GeneralVery simple question Pin
Boniolopez8-Nov-04 13:15
MemberBoniolopez8-Nov-04 13:15 
GeneralRe: Very simple question Pin
beowulfagate8-Nov-04 14:17
Memberbeowulfagate8-Nov-04 14:17 
GeneralRe: Very simple question Pin
axiomillies14-Nov-04 20:16
Memberaxiomillies14-Nov-04 20:16 
GeneralConvert Sprite Sheets to Animations Pin
maykut20998-Nov-04 13:05
Membermaykut20998-Nov-04 13:05 
GeneralForm.ShowDialog() problem Pin
genosis8-Nov-04 8:39
Membergenosis8-Nov-04 8:39 
GeneralRe: Form.ShowDialog() problem Pin
CodeWell17-Nov-04 21:56
MemberCodeWell17-Nov-04 21:56 
GeneralRe: Form.ShowDialog() problem Pin
genosis18-Nov-04 6:07
Membergenosis18-Nov-04 6:07 

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