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GeneralRe: The 'X' click event Pin
Verolix10-Nov-04 11:05
MemberVerolix10-Nov-04 11:05 
GeneralRe: The 'X' click event Pin
Brad Fackrell10-Nov-04 11:35
MemberBrad Fackrell10-Nov-04 11:35 
QuestionDoes anyone know how to access a combobox item in dropdown mode? Pin
lildragon9-Nov-04 7:21
Memberlildragon9-Nov-04 7:21 
GeneralUrgent help..Equivalent to Excel "range" in Pin
bnathvbdotnet9-Nov-04 6:18
Memberbnathvbdotnet9-Nov-04 6:18 Pin
Jayman9119-Nov-04 6:12
MemberJayman9119-Nov-04 6:12 
GeneralRe: Pin
Tom John9-Nov-04 7:14
MemberTom John9-Nov-04 7:14 
GeneralRe: Pin
Jayman9119-Nov-04 7:16
MemberJayman9119-Nov-04 7:16 
GeneralRe: Pin
Fade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:22
MemberFade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:22 
i would do it differently, instead of peeking into the file (which is generally not a good thing to do due to various reasons)
use this statement instead

while MyStramReader.BaseStream.Position < MyStramReader.BaseStream.Length<br />

should also work faster Smile | :) (i think...)

Fade (Amit BS)
GeneralRe: Pin
Jayman91111-Nov-04 3:51
MemberJayman91111-Nov-04 3:51 
GeneralFonts used in rich text box Pin
johnjsm9-Nov-04 3:30
Memberjohnjsm9-Nov-04 3:30 
GeneralRe: Fonts used in rich text box Pin
Member 14977519-Nov-04 6:43
MemberMember 14977519-Nov-04 6:43 
Generalupdating database using! Pin
obrix_activex9-Nov-04 1:12
Memberobrix_activex9-Nov-04 1:12 
GeneralRe: updating database using! Pin
ccotton33324-Nov-04 8:52
Memberccotton33324-Nov-04 8:52 
GeneralPrinting w/out Crystal Report in VBNet Pin
reyboy8-Nov-04 23:44
Memberreyboy8-Nov-04 23:44 
GeneralRe: Printing w/out Crystal Report in VBNet Pin
Tom John9-Nov-04 6:55
MemberTom John9-Nov-04 6:55 
QuestionHow to get domain name of specific computer? Pin
dungle308-Nov-04 21:42
Memberdungle308-Nov-04 21:42 
Questionhow to change datagrid properties? Pin
Lisana8-Nov-04 20:43
MemberLisana8-Nov-04 20:43 
QuestionHow to add dataset values to Crystal Report fields Pin
Jeevan anjna8-Nov-04 20:42
MemberJeevan anjna8-Nov-04 20:42 
GeneralThread Problem Pin
Sumit Domyan8-Nov-04 19:14
MemberSumit Domyan8-Nov-04 19:14 
GeneralRe: Thread Problem Pin
Fade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:31
MemberFade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:31 
GeneralRe: Thread Problem Pin
Sumit Domyan10-Nov-04 19:10
MemberSumit Domyan10-Nov-04 19:10 
GeneralRe: Thread Problem Pin
Fade (Amit BS)13-Nov-04 23:30
MemberFade (Amit BS)13-Nov-04 23:30 
GeneralCapture an HTML document as an image Pin
ddd ssss8-Nov-04 18:52
Memberddd ssss8-Nov-04 18:52 
GeneralDisplay non duplicate data in combobox Pin
CelesterMok8-Nov-04 16:22
MemberCelesterMok8-Nov-04 16:22 
GeneralQuestions Pin
Tech 4 a dummy8-Nov-04 15:57
MemberTech 4 a dummy8-Nov-04 15:57 

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