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GeneralTAPI in VB.NET Pin
pht99999-Nov-04 15:56
Memberpht99999-Nov-04 15:56 
GeneralRe: TAPI in VB.NET Pin
Dave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 4:10
mveDave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 4:10 
Generalsharing folder Pin
Paps29-Nov-04 15:18
MemberPaps29-Nov-04 15:18 
GeneralRe: sharing folder Pin
Dave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 4:03
mveDave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 4:03 
GeneralRe: sharing folder Pin
Mekong River10-Nov-04 4:54
MemberMekong River10-Nov-04 4:54 
GeneralRe: sharing folder Pin
Paps210-Nov-04 17:34
MemberPaps210-Nov-04 17:34 
GeneralMDI Forms and Child Forms Pin
ConfusedStudent9-Nov-04 14:49
MemberConfusedStudent9-Nov-04 14:49 
GeneralRe: MDI Forms and Child Forms Pin
Fade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:15
MemberFade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:15 
if all you need is to write to a file, simply use the FileStream object in the frameworks
(if it is then the title of your message is VERY misleading, if not, then my reply is useless Smile | :) )

the basics are to create a FileStream object reference

Dim MyFileStream as System.IO.FileStream

and then you need to create the file stream, by opening the file
if it is a new file (there isn't a file with the same name at the same directory)
you should create the file like so:

MyFileStream = IO.File.Open(MyFilePath, IO.FileMode.CreateNew)

if the file already exists, you would probably want to erase the data and rewrite it do:

FileStream = SystemIO.File.Open(MyFilePath, IO.FileMode.Truncate)

to check whether the file exists use:

If System.IO.File.Exists(MyFilePath) Then ...

if you want to be really smart about it, you can scan the file to see what segements of have been chaged and only write those parts (mostly usefull in large files)

Fade (Amit BS)
GeneralThe 'X' click event Pin
Brad Fackrell9-Nov-04 12:33
MemberBrad Fackrell9-Nov-04 12:33 
GeneralRe: The 'X' click event Pin
Verolix9-Nov-04 13:00
MemberVerolix9-Nov-04 13:00 
GeneralRe: The 'X' click event Pin
Brad Fackrell10-Nov-04 4:46
MemberBrad Fackrell10-Nov-04 4:46 
GeneralRe: The 'X' click event Pin
Dave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 9:59
mveDave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 9:59 
GeneralRe: The 'X' click event Pin
Brad Fackrell10-Nov-04 10:04
MemberBrad Fackrell10-Nov-04 10:04 
GeneralRe: The 'X' click event Pin
Verolix10-Nov-04 11:05
MemberVerolix10-Nov-04 11:05 
GeneralRe: The 'X' click event Pin
Brad Fackrell10-Nov-04 11:35
MemberBrad Fackrell10-Nov-04 11:35 
QuestionDoes anyone know how to access a combobox item in dropdown mode? Pin
lildragon9-Nov-04 7:21
Memberlildragon9-Nov-04 7:21 
GeneralUrgent help..Equivalent to Excel "range" in Pin
bnathvbdotnet9-Nov-04 6:18
Memberbnathvbdotnet9-Nov-04 6:18 Pin
Jayman9119-Nov-04 6:12
MemberJayman9119-Nov-04 6:12 
GeneralRe: Pin
Tom John9-Nov-04 7:14
MemberTom John9-Nov-04 7:14 
GeneralRe: Pin
Jayman9119-Nov-04 7:16
MemberJayman9119-Nov-04 7:16 
GeneralRe: Pin
Fade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:22
MemberFade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 17:22 
GeneralRe: Pin
Jayman91111-Nov-04 3:51
MemberJayman91111-Nov-04 3:51 
GeneralFonts used in rich text box Pin
johnjsm9-Nov-04 3:30
Memberjohnjsm9-Nov-04 3:30 
GeneralRe: Fonts used in rich text box Pin
Member 14977519-Nov-04 6:43
MemberMember 14977519-Nov-04 6:43 
Generalupdating database using! Pin
obrix_activex9-Nov-04 1:12
Memberobrix_activex9-Nov-04 1:12 

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