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GeneralRe: Messenger users online/offline? Pin
Anonymous10-Nov-04 14:27
MemberAnonymous10-Nov-04 14:27 
GeneralRe: Messenger users online/offline? Pin
Christian Graus10-Nov-04 14:36
protectorChristian Graus10-Nov-04 14:36 
GeneralRe: Messenger users online/offline? Pin
[DK]KiloDunse10-Nov-04 14:41
Member[DK]KiloDunse10-Nov-04 14:41 
GeneralRe: Messenger users online/offline? Pin
Christian Graus10-Nov-04 14:54
protectorChristian Graus10-Nov-04 14:54 
GeneralRe: Messenger users online/offline? Pin
[DK]KiloDunse10-Nov-04 14:58
Member[DK]KiloDunse10-Nov-04 14:58 
AnswerRe: Messenger users online/offline? Pin
Ray Cassick10-Nov-04 16:16
MemberRay Cassick10-Nov-04 16:16 
GeneralRe: Messenger users online/offline? Pin
[DK]KiloDunse10-Nov-04 16:20
Member[DK]KiloDunse10-Nov-04 16:20 
GeneralRe: Messenger users online/offline? Pin
Fade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 16:41
MemberFade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 16:41 
am telling you this for a fact, the messager has an open connection with the host,
you can see it for yourself by using the "netstat -nao" command in the command prompt (run "cmd")

this will show you all active connections on your computer, including the process ID associated with each connection. you can see which process id the messager uses using the Task Manager. Select the 'Processes' tab, and then 'View' -> 'Select Columns' (this option will only show when you're in the 'Processes' tab).
then you'll see that the messanger process has an established connection.

now, how is it done? as one server might not be able to support so many simultanious connections?
If you will take a minute to experiment, you'll see that each time you log-on, the messanger logs on to a different IP, that's the load-balancing machanism, microsoft has many Messanger servers, each serving who knows how many users, and on the servers level, they are responsible for updating eachother.

It sometimes takes a minute until the messanger detects a connection loss because connection loss on tcp connection is not always detectable, so it is only detected after some timeout occurs in your client (there is probably a reflecting timeout at the server side too)

by the way, they probably went for the open connection architecture due to the fact that many users cannot accept incoming transmissions (everyone behind a router, ICS server, proxy, firewall etc.), the only way they can be sure they can send you data (like an incoming message) is an open connection you have initiated

that's about it Smile | :)

Fade (Amit BS)
GeneralRe: Messenger users online/offline? Pin
[DK]KiloDunse10-Nov-04 16:48
Member[DK]KiloDunse10-Nov-04 16:48 
Generalconnecting two datatables within a dataset and forming relation HELP Pin
cavall10-Nov-04 12:27
Membercavall10-Nov-04 12:27 
Generalcrystal reports Pin
kixville10-Nov-04 10:48
Memberkixville10-Nov-04 10:48 
GeneralCreate login form Pin
axing10-Nov-04 6:54
Memberaxing10-Nov-04 6:54 
GeneralRe: Create login form Pin
Mekong River10-Nov-04 18:01
MemberMekong River10-Nov-04 18:01 
GeneralTabControl Pin
Jeeva Jose10-Nov-04 6:38
MemberJeeva Jose10-Nov-04 6:38 
GeneralRe: TabControl Pin
Fade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 16:59
MemberFade (Amit BS)10-Nov-04 16:59 
GeneralLoad Data Interchange File to dataset Pin
RDoes10-Nov-04 6:19
MemberRDoes10-Nov-04 6:19 
GeneralBlank Message Box Pin
John Collis10-Nov-04 6:17
MemberJohn Collis10-Nov-04 6:17 
GeneralRe: Blank Message Box Pin
Dave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 10:04
mveDave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 10:04 
GeneralRe: Blank Message Box Pin
John Collis10-Nov-04 22:19
MemberJohn Collis10-Nov-04 22:19 
GeneralSort icon in listview (DotNet) Pin
SelvaRavi9-Nov-04 20:22
MemberSelvaRavi9-Nov-04 20:22 
GeneralImport Data from Access to SQL Server Pin
Amitux9-Nov-04 19:39
MemberAmitux9-Nov-04 19:39 
GeneralRe: Import Data from Access to SQL Server Pin
Dave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 4:05
mveDave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 4:05 
GeneralTAPI in VB.NET Pin
pht99999-Nov-04 15:56
Memberpht99999-Nov-04 15:56 
GeneralRe: TAPI in VB.NET Pin
Dave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 4:10
mveDave Kreskowiak10-Nov-04 4:10 
Generalsharing folder Pin
Paps29-Nov-04 15:18
MemberPaps29-Nov-04 15:18 

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