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.NET (Core and Framework)

AnswerRe: .net security tools? Pin
partyganger18-Apr-04 5:40
Memberpartyganger18-Apr-04 5:40 
QuestionHow to new a PictureBox...?? Pin
17-Apr-04 23:48
suss17-Apr-04 23:48 
AnswerRe: How to new a PictureBox...?? Pin
Peter Reiter17-Apr-04 23:53
MemberPeter Reiter17-Apr-04 23:53 
GeneralRe: How to new a PictureBox...?? Pin
Fade (Amit BS)18-Apr-04 3:21
MemberFade (Amit BS)18-Apr-04 3:21 
GeneralVisual Studio. Net Help Please !!! Pin
mattymc17-Apr-04 18:32
Membermattymc17-Apr-04 18:32 
GeneralRe: Visual Studio. Net Help Please !!! Pin
Fade (Amit BS)18-Apr-04 4:31
MemberFade (Amit BS)18-Apr-04 4:31 
Question.Net Version Problem..???? Pin
Renjith Ramachandran17-Apr-04 10:05
MemberRenjith Ramachandran17-Apr-04 10:05 
AnswerRe: .Net Version Problem..???? Pin
Sarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa17-Apr-04 19:08
MemberSarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa17-Apr-04 19:08 
I guess, you are using visual studio version 2002 (7.0 as it says), and the sample files are for the VS.NET version 2003 (7.1).

renjith_sree wrote:
ow can i get the higher version ...? is it available like a patch/update..????

It comes as separate pack of CDs (6), you may have to buy them as separate package

There is nothing new under the sun,
But there are lots of old things we don't know.

- Ambrose Bierce

GeneralHANDLE in .net Pin
Paolo Ponzano17-Apr-04 2:49
MemberPaolo Ponzano17-Apr-04 2:49 
GeneralRe: HANDLE in .net Pin
Mike Dimmick18-Apr-04 3:13
MemberMike Dimmick18-Apr-04 3:13 
GeneralChecking for Installed Component Pin
swcrissman16-Apr-04 12:13
Memberswcrissman16-Apr-04 12:13 
GeneralDynamicly creating excel file and sending to client Pin
c++guy16-Apr-04 11:51
Memberc++guy16-Apr-04 11:51 
GeneralRe: Dynamicly creating excel file and sending to client Pin
Steven Campbell16-Apr-04 15:57
MemberSteven Campbell16-Apr-04 15:57 
QuestionIs it possible? Pin
MDem16-Apr-04 9:36
MemberMDem16-Apr-04 9:36 
AnswerRe: Is it possible? Pin
Charlie Williams16-Apr-04 11:54
MemberCharlie Williams16-Apr-04 11:54 
AnswerRe: Is it possible? Pin
Renjith Ramachandran17-Apr-04 17:30
MemberRenjith Ramachandran17-Apr-04 17:30 
GeneralServer GC vs. Workstation GC Pin
jqd200115-Apr-04 10:08
Memberjqd200115-Apr-04 10:08 
GeneralRe: Server GC vs. Workstation GC Pin
Mike Dimmick15-Apr-04 10:24
MemberMike Dimmick15-Apr-04 10:24 
GeneralRe: Server GC vs. Workstation GC Pin
jqd200115-Apr-04 10:55
Memberjqd200115-Apr-04 10:55 
GeneralSending a custom message to .NET Pin
MarkSPA15-Apr-04 8:41
MemberMarkSPA15-Apr-04 8:41 
Generalsetup project Pin
Dpriya15-Apr-04 4:01
MemberDpriya15-Apr-04 4:01 
Generalconvert unicode to ascii Pin
eranas14-Apr-04 7:58
Membereranas14-Apr-04 7:58 
GeneralRe: convert unicode to ascii Pin
Steven Campbell14-Apr-04 15:22
MemberSteven Campbell14-Apr-04 15:22 
Generalascii to unicode Pin
Maverick14-Apr-04 19:43
MemberMaverick14-Apr-04 19:43 
GeneralRe: ascii to unicode Pin
Steven Campbell15-Apr-04 3:44
MemberSteven Campbell15-Apr-04 3:44 

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