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GeneralImages not showing in toolbar Pin
Anders Molin10-Jan-04 16:27
professionalAnders Molin10-Jan-04 16:27 
GeneralRe: Images not showing in toolbar Pin
Anders Molin10-Jan-04 16:36
professionalAnders Molin10-Jan-04 16:36 
GeneralSolved Pin
Anders Molin10-Jan-04 16:49
professionalAnders Molin10-Jan-04 16:49 
GeneralRe: Solved Pin
leppie10-Jan-04 23:35
Memberleppie10-Jan-04 23:35 
GeneralFiltering Datasets Pin
MrJJKoolJ10-Jan-04 13:18
MemberMrJJKoolJ10-Jan-04 13:18 
GeneralRe: Filtering Datasets Pin
Colin Angus Mackay10-Jan-04 16:30
MemberColin Angus Mackay10-Jan-04 16:30 
GeneralRe: Filtering Datasets Pin
Mazdak10-Jan-04 19:10
MemberMazdak10-Jan-04 19:10 
QuestionAdvice? Pin
Alex Korchemniy10-Jan-04 11:07
MemberAlex Korchemniy10-Jan-04 11:07 
I have an office app that need to send information to a central server through the net (Ie. update the central server's SQL database). My first thought was to do remoting. To secure it I used a secure channel. However I still have a problem: the remote object is exposed on the internet. What is the best way of authenticating the clients.

I've been looking for things and the only thing that I came up with is hosting the object in IIS and using server certificates. However I haven't been able to get client-activated remote objects properly hosted in IIS. If this is a good direction to head please help me out with a pointer to hosting client-activated objects in IIS.
AnswerRe: Advice? Pin
Guillermo Rivero10-Jan-04 11:25
MemberGuillermo Rivero10-Jan-04 11:25 
GeneralLooking for XP Style textBoxes and dataGrid Pin
sinnen10-Jan-04 11:00
Membersinnen10-Jan-04 11:00 
GeneralRe: Looking for XP Style textBoxes and dataGrid Pin
Heath Stewart10-Jan-04 11:55
protectorHeath Stewart10-Jan-04 11:55 
GeneralRe: Looking for XP Style textBoxes and dataGrid Pin
sinnen12-Jan-04 10:53
Membersinnen12-Jan-04 10:53 
GeneralCryptography question Pin
Mazdak10-Jan-04 9:54
MemberMazdak10-Jan-04 9:54 
GeneralRe: Cryptography question Pin
Heath Stewart10-Jan-04 12:01
protectorHeath Stewart10-Jan-04 12:01 
GeneralRe: Cryptography question Pin
Mazdak10-Jan-04 19:05
MemberMazdak10-Jan-04 19:05 
GeneralRe: Cryptography question Pin
TuringTest110-Jan-04 20:37
MemberTuringTest110-Jan-04 20:37 
GeneralCollectionBase.OnRemove and CollectionEditor Pin
Chris Richner10-Jan-04 7:09
MemberChris Richner10-Jan-04 7:09 
GeneralRe: CollectionBase.OnRemove and CollectionEditor Pin
Heath Stewart10-Jan-04 12:03
protectorHeath Stewart10-Jan-04 12:03 
GeneralRe: CollectionBase.OnRemove and CollectionEditor Pin
Chris Richner10-Jan-04 16:50
MemberChris Richner10-Jan-04 16:50 
GeneralDirectShow winform Pin
just_a_builder10-Jan-04 2:05
Memberjust_a_builder10-Jan-04 2:05 
GeneralRe: DirectShow winform Pin
Kentamanos10-Jan-04 9:43
MemberKentamanos10-Jan-04 9:43 
GeneralMouseEnter Control Pin
Luther Baker9-Jan-04 19:41
MemberLuther Baker9-Jan-04 19:41 
GeneralRe: MouseEnter Control Pin
Heath Stewart9-Jan-04 19:52
protectorHeath Stewart9-Jan-04 19:52 
GeneralRe: MouseEnter Control Pin
Luther Baker9-Jan-04 20:29
MemberLuther Baker9-Jan-04 20:29 application without .net framework Pin
w3Nima9-Jan-04 19:29
Memberw3Nima9-Jan-04 19:29 

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