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GeneralRe: C# convention!! Pin
leppie5-Jan-04 7:04
Memberleppie5-Jan-04 7:04 
GeneralRe: C# convention!! Pin
HAHAHA_NEXT5-Jan-04 8:32
MemberHAHAHA_NEXT5-Jan-04 8:32 
GeneralDataGrid problem plz check Pin
Hayat4-Jan-04 21:52
MemberHayat4-Jan-04 21:52 
GeneralRe: DataGrid problem plz check Pin
Heath Stewart5-Jan-04 5:45
protectorHeath Stewart5-Jan-04 5:45 
GeneralRe: DataGrid problem plz check Pin
Hayat6-Jan-04 7:37
MemberHayat6-Jan-04 7:37 
GeneralRe: DataGrid problem plz check Pin
Heath Stewart6-Jan-04 7:41
protectorHeath Stewart6-Jan-04 7:41 
Generali'm a beginner. help Pin
Forrest Feather4-Jan-04 21:26
MemberForrest Feather4-Jan-04 21:26 
GeneralRe: i'm a beginner. help Pin
Broken God4-Jan-04 23:16
MemberBroken God4-Jan-04 23:16 
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322>csc /?
Microsoft (R) Visual C# .NET Compiler version 7.10.3052.4
for Microsoft (R) .NET Framework version 1.1.4322
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2001-2002. All rights reserved.

Visual C# .NET Compiler Options

/out:<file> Output file name (default: base name of file with main
class or first file)
/target:exe Build a console executable (default) (Short form:
/target:winexe Build a Windows executable (Short form: /t:winexe)
/target:library Build a library (Short form: /t:library)
/target:module Build a module that can be added to another assembly
(Short form: /t:module)
/define:<symbol list=""> Define conditional compilation symbol(s) (Short form:
/doc:<file> XML Documentation file to generate

/recurse:<wildcard> Include all files in the current directory and
subdirectories according to the wildcard specifications
/reference:<file list=""> Reference metadata from the specified assembly files
(Short form: /r)
/addmodule:<file list=""> Link the specified modules into this assembly

/win32res:<file> Specifies Win32 resource file (.res)
/win32icon:<file> Use this icon for the output
/resource:<resinfo> Embeds the specified resource (Short form: /res)
/linkresource:<resinfo> Links the specified resource to this assembly (Short
form: /linkres)

/debug[+|-] Emit debugging information
/debug:{full|pdbonly} Specify debugging type ('full' is default, and enables
attaching a debugger to a running program)
/optimize[+|-] Enable optimizations (Short form: /o)
/incremental[+|-] Enable incremental compilation (Short form: /incr)

/warnaserror[+|-] Treat warnings as errors
/warn:<n> Set warning level (0-4) (Short form: /w)
/nowarn:<warning list=""> Disable specific warning messages

/checked[+|-] Generate overflow checks
/unsafe[+|-] Allow 'unsafe' code

@<file> Read response file for more options
/help Display this usage message (Short form: /?)
/nologo Suppress compiler copyright message
/noconfig Do not auto include CSC.RSP file

Base address for the library to be built
/bugreport:<file> Create a 'Bug Report' file
/codepage:<n> Specifies the codepage to use when opening source files
/utf8output Output compiler messages in UTF-8 encoding
/main:<type> Specifies the type that contains the entry point (ignore
all other possible entry points) (Short form: /m)
/fullpaths Compiler generates fully qualified paths
/filealign:<n> Specify the alignment used for output file sections
/nostdlib[+|-] Do not reference standard library (mscorlib.dll)
/lib:<file list=""> Specify additional directories to search in for

GeneralRe: i'm a beginner. help Pin
extremeg6-Jan-04 21:46
Memberextremeg6-Jan-04 21:46 
GeneralRe: i'm a beginner. help Pin
Forrest Feather6-Jan-04 23:11
MemberForrest Feather6-Jan-04 23:11 
GeneralMAP files Pin
abc8764-Jan-04 21:17
Memberabc8764-Jan-04 21:17 
GeneralRe: MAP files Pin
Heath Stewart5-Jan-04 5:41
protectorHeath Stewart5-Jan-04 5:41 
Generalcustom controls and video Pin
just_a_builder4-Jan-04 21:03
Memberjust_a_builder4-Jan-04 21:03 
GeneralRe: custom controls and video Pin
Heath Stewart5-Jan-04 5:13
protectorHeath Stewart5-Jan-04 5:13 
_Comet_Keeper_4-Jan-04 14:11
Member_Comet_Keeper_4-Jan-04 14:11 
Heath Stewart4-Jan-04 20:01
protectorHeath Stewart4-Jan-04 20:01 
GeneralOne Line Pin
eggie54-Jan-04 13:29
Membereggie54-Jan-04 13:29 
GeneralRe: One Line Pin
Christian Graus4-Jan-04 13:58
protectorChristian Graus4-Jan-04 13:58 
GeneralRe: One Line Pin
eggie54-Jan-04 14:01
Membereggie54-Jan-04 14:01 
GeneralRe: One Line Pin
Christian Graus4-Jan-04 14:06
protectorChristian Graus4-Jan-04 14:06 
GeneralRe: One Line Pin
eggie54-Jan-04 14:42
Membereggie54-Jan-04 14:42 
GeneralRe: One Line Pin
Heath Stewart4-Jan-04 19:51
protectorHeath Stewart4-Jan-04 19:51 
GeneralRe: One Line Pin
eggie55-Jan-04 12:51
Membereggie55-Jan-04 12:51 
QuestionDateTime Property, custom TypeConverter for XmlSerialisation ? Pin
Chris Richner4-Jan-04 12:56
MemberChris Richner4-Jan-04 12:56 
AnswerRe: DateTime Property, custom TypeConverter for XmlSerialisation ? Pin
Heath Stewart4-Jan-04 19:46
protectorHeath Stewart4-Jan-04 19:46 

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