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GeneralRe: fast directory infos for a lot of files Pin
pitwi6-Dec-22 6:56
pitwi6-Dec-22 6:56 
QuestionCustom Control Styling Pin
Kevin Marois2-Dec-22 8:58
professionalKevin Marois2-Dec-22 8:58 
AnswerRe: Custom Control Styling Pin
Richard Deeming5-Dec-22 0:27
mveRichard Deeming5-Dec-22 0:27 
GeneralRe: Custom Control Styling Pin
Kevin Marois5-Dec-22 12:15
professionalKevin Marois5-Dec-22 12:15 
GeneralRe: Custom Control Styling Pin
Richard Deeming5-Dec-22 21:57
mveRichard Deeming5-Dec-22 21:57 
GeneralRe: Custom Control Styling Pin
Kevin Marois5-Dec-22 13:57
professionalKevin Marois5-Dec-22 13:57 
GeneralRe: Custom Control Styling Pin
Kevin Marois5-Dec-22 14:10
professionalKevin Marois5-Dec-22 14:10 
QuestionWPF .Net Core Relay Command with Parameters Pin
Kevin Marois1-Dec-22 13:50
professionalKevin Marois1-Dec-22 13:50 
Following this SO article, I'm trying to create a relay command that takes parameters:
<ctrls:MaroisHyperlink LinkText="Forgot Password?"

        <i:EventTrigger EventName="LinkClicked">
            <i:InvokeCommandAction Command="{Binding ForgotPasswordClickedCommand}"

Here's my RelayCommand<t> class:
namespace Marois.Framework.Core.Utilities
    public class RelayCommand<T> : ICommand
        private readonly Action<T> execute;

        private readonly Func<T, bool> canExecute;

        public RelayCommand(Action<T> execute)
            : this(execute, null)

        public RelayCommand(Action<T> execute, Func<T, bool> canExecute)

            this.execute = execute;
            this.canExecute = canExecute;
            this.RaiseCanExecuteChangedAction = RaiseCanExecuteChanged;

            SimpleCommandManager.AddRaiseCanExecuteChangedAction(ref RaiseCanExecuteChangedAction);


        public void RemoveCommand()

        bool ICommand.CanExecute(object? parameter)
            return canExecute((T)parameter);

        public void Execute(object? parameter)
            if (CanExecute(parameter))

        public bool CanExecute(object? parameter)
            return canExecute == null ? true : canExecute((T)parameter);

        public void RaiseCanExecuteChanged()
            var handler = CanExecuteChanged;
            if (handler != null)
                handler(this, new EventArgs());

        private readonly Action RaiseCanExecuteChangedAction;

        public event EventHandler CanExecuteChanged;

    public static class SimpleCommandManager
        private static List<Action> _raiseCanExecuteChangedActions = new List<Action>();

        public static void AddRaiseCanExecuteChangedAction(ref Action raiseCanExecuteChangedAction)

        public static void RemoveRaiseCanExecuteChangedAction(Action raiseCanExecuteChangedAction)

        public static void AssignOnPropertyChanged(ref PropertyChangedEventHandler propertyEventHandler)
            propertyEventHandler += OnPropertyChanged;

        private static void OnPropertyChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
            // this if clause is to prevent an infinity loop
            if (e.PropertyName != "CanExecute")

        public static void RefreshCommandStates()
            for (var i = 0; i < _raiseCanExecuteChangedActions.Count; i++)
                var raiseCanExecuteChangedAction = _raiseCanExecuteChangedActions[i];
                if (raiseCanExecuteChangedAction != null)

and here's the VM
private ICommand? _ForgotPasswordClickedCommand;
public ICommand ForgotPasswordClickedCommand
        if (_ForgotPasswordClickedCommand == null)
            _ForgotPasswordClickedCommand = new RelayCommand<bool>(p => ForgotPasswordLinkClickedExecuted(p), a => ForgotPasswordCanExecute(a));
        return _ForgotPasswordClickedCommand;

private bool ForgotPasswordCanExecute(bool args)
    return true;

private void ForgotPasswordLinkClickedExecuted(bool args)
When I set the parameter type to Object then it works fine. But if I set it to Bool, as above, then I get the following exception:
'Unable to cast object of type 'System.String' to type 'System.Boolean'.'

I have an implementation of this a WPF .Net Framework and it works fine. But in the .Net Core app I get the error.
If it's not broken, fix it until it is.
Everything makes sense in someone's mind.
Ya can't fix stupid.

QuestionForgot Password Pin
Kevin Marois1-Dec-22 13:06
professionalKevin Marois1-Dec-22 13:06 
AnswerRe: Forgot Password Pin
Richard Deeming1-Dec-22 22:10
mveRichard Deeming1-Dec-22 22:10 
QuestionWPF Core Hyperlkink Custom Control Pin
Kevin Marois29-Nov-22 16:29
professionalKevin Marois29-Nov-22 16:29 
AnswerRe: WPF Core Hyperlkink Custom Control Pin
Richard Deeming29-Nov-22 21:59
mveRichard Deeming29-Nov-22 21:59 
GeneralRe: WPF Core Hyperlkink Custom Control Pin
Kevin Marois30-Nov-22 5:46
professionalKevin Marois30-Nov-22 5:46 
GeneralRe: WPF Core Hyperlkink Custom Control Pin
Richard Deeming30-Nov-22 21:25
mveRichard Deeming30-Nov-22 21:25 
QuestionPath Images Pin
Kevin Marois29-Nov-22 14:57
professionalKevin Marois29-Nov-22 14:57 
AnswerRe: Path Images Pin
Richard Deeming29-Nov-22 23:46
mveRichard Deeming29-Nov-22 23:46 
QuestionDropShadowEffect Above & Below Pin
Kevin Marois29-Nov-22 14:30
professionalKevin Marois29-Nov-22 14:30 
AnswerRe: DropShadowEffect Above & Below Pin
Richard Deeming29-Nov-22 23:43
mveRichard Deeming29-Nov-22 23:43 
GeneralRe: DropShadowEffect Above & Below Pin
Kevin Marois30-Nov-22 5:32
professionalKevin Marois30-Nov-22 5:32 
GeneralRe: DropShadowEffect Above & Below Pin
Richard Deeming30-Nov-22 21:30
mveRichard Deeming30-Nov-22 21:30 
QuestionWhat's Wrong With This Style? Pin
Kevin Marois21-Nov-22 9:57
professionalKevin Marois21-Nov-22 9:57 
AnswerRe: What's Wrong With This Style? Pin
Gerry Schmitz21-Nov-22 10:17
mveGerry Schmitz21-Nov-22 10:17 
GeneralRe: What's Wrong With This Style? Pin
Kevin Marois21-Nov-22 11:44
professionalKevin Marois21-Nov-22 11:44 
QuestionStyle Question Pin
Kevin Marois20-Nov-22 10:30
professionalKevin Marois20-Nov-22 10:30 
AnswerRe: Style Question Pin
Richard Deeming20-Nov-22 22:37
mveRichard Deeming20-Nov-22 22:37 

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