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Chris Maunder16-Jul-09 3:09
cofounderChris Maunder16-Jul-09 3:09 
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Chris Maunder16-Jul-09 3:05
cofounderChris Maunder16-Jul-09 3:05 
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professionalKevin Marois7-Sep-21 13:51 
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Richard Deeming7-Sep-21 21:28
mveRichard Deeming7-Sep-21 21:28 
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Kevin Marois8-Sep-21 4:58
professionalKevin Marois8-Sep-21 4:58 
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Kevin Marois19-Aug-21 12:43
professionalKevin Marois19-Aug-21 12:43 
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Richard Deeming19-Aug-21 21:35
mveRichard Deeming19-Aug-21 21:35 
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Kevin Marois20-Aug-21 4:36
professionalKevin Marois20-Aug-21 4:36 
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Matt T Heffron25-Aug-21 11:08
professionalMatt T Heffron25-Aug-21 11:08 
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Kevin Marois29-Jul-21 7:39
professionalKevin Marois29-Jul-21 7:39 
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Kevin Marois23-Jul-21 8:59
professionalKevin Marois23-Jul-21 8:59 
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Richard Deeming27-Jul-21 23:18
mveRichard Deeming27-Jul-21 23:18 
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Kevin Marois28-Jul-21 10:04
professionalKevin Marois28-Jul-21 10:04 
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Mike Hankey23-Jul-21 4:25
professionalMike Hankey23-Jul-21 4:25 
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Slacker00723-Jul-21 4:39
professionalSlacker00723-Jul-21 4:39 
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Richard Andrew x6423-Jul-21 4:45
professionalRichard Andrew x6423-Jul-21 4:45 
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Mike Hankey23-Jul-21 4:50
professionalMike Hankey23-Jul-21 4:50 
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Slacker00723-Jul-21 5:01
professionalSlacker00723-Jul-21 5:01 
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Richard Deeming27-Jul-21 23:16
mveRichard Deeming27-Jul-21 23:16 
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Mike Hankey28-Jul-21 2:05
professionalMike Hankey28-Jul-21 2:05 
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Kevin Marois19-Jul-21 8:55
professionalKevin Marois19-Jul-21 8:55 
QuestionRouted Event Args Null Pin
Kevin Marois28-Jun-21 16:28
professionalKevin Marois28-Jun-21 16:28 
I have a user control with a custom Routed Event. I'm trying to pass event args:
public class NavigationViewFilterEventArgs : RoutedEventArgs
    public List<LookupEntity> StatusFilters { get; private set; }

    public List<LookupEntity> FilterItems { get; private set; }

    public NavigationViewFilterEventArgs(RoutedEvent e, List<LookupEntity> statusFilters, List<LookupEntity> filterItems) :
        StatusFilters = statusFilters;
        FilterItems = filterItems;
Here's the UserControl code behind:
public static readonly RoutedEvent FilterExecutedEvent =

public event RoutedEventHandler FilterExecuted
    add { AddHandler(FilterExecutedEvent, value); }
    remove { RemoveHandler(FilterExecutedEvent, value); }

private void RaiseFilterExecutedEvent()
    var args = new NavigationViewFilterEventArgs(FilterExecutedEvent, StatusFilters, FilterItems);
The control is on the Main Window:
<ctrls:NavigationView Grid.Row="7" 
                        StatusFilters="{Binding DataContext.CompanyStatusFilterItems, 
                                                ElementName=window, Mode=TwoWay, 

        <i:EventTrigger EventName="FilterExecuted">
            <i:InvokeCommandAction Command="{Binding DataContext.CompanyFilterExecutedEventCommand, 

And finally the handler in the Main Window view model:
private ICommand _CompanyFilterExecutedEventCommand;
public ICommand CompanyFilterExecutedEventCommand
        if (_CompanyFilterExecutedEventCommand == null)
            _CompanyFilterExecutedEventCommand = new RelayCommand<NavigationViewFilterEventArgs>(p => CompanyFilterExecutedEventExecuted(p), p => CompanyFilterExecutedEventCanExecute());
        return _CompanyFilterExecutedEventCommand;

private bool CompanyFilterExecutedEventCanExecute()
    return true;

private void CompanyFilterExecutedEventExecuted(NavigationViewFilterEventArgs args)

When I run this and click the button, the event reaches the Main Window VM's CompanyFilterExecutedEventExecuted method, but the param is always null.

I could use some help here.
If it's not broken, fix it until it is.
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Ya can't fix stupid.

AnswerRe: Routed Event Args Null Pin
Richard Deeming28-Jun-21 22:34
mveRichard Deeming28-Jun-21 22:34 
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Cường Nguyễn Văn 202123-Jun-21 6:56
MemberCường Nguyễn Văn 202123-Jun-21 6:56 
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Acuena21-Jun-21 20:59
MemberAcuena21-Jun-21 20:59 

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