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Spam and Abuse Watch

This board allows members to report the accounts of spammers and others who abuse the forums in order to give other members the chance to vote to close the offending account.

GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (vivian sembiring) Pin
OriginalGriff13-Jan-21 8:31
mveOriginalGriff13-Jan-21 8:31 
GeneralRe: Spammer from moderation queue (vivian sembiring) - gone Pin
Greg Utas13-Jan-21 8:58
mvaGreg Utas13-Jan-21 8:58 
GeneralMember 15045211 is a key stroker Pin
PIEBALDconsult13-Jan-21 8:11
professionalPIEBALDconsult13-Jan-21 8:11 
GeneralRe: Member 15045211 is a key stroker - gone Pin
Greg Utas13-Jan-21 8:59
mvaGreg Utas13-Jan-21 8:59 
GeneralTroll from moderation: Member 15045190 Pin
OriginalGriff13-Jan-21 7:35
mveOriginalGriff13-Jan-21 7:35 
GeneralRe: Troll from moderation: Member 15045190 - gone Pin
Greg Utas13-Jan-21 8:00
mvaGreg Utas13-Jan-21 8:00 
GeneralSpammer - Vinyl shop Pin
CHill6013-Jan-21 6:52
mveCHill6013-Jan-21 6:52 
GeneralRe: Spammer - Vinyl shop - gone Pin
Greg Utas13-Jan-21 7:30
mvaGreg Utas13-Jan-21 7:30 
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GeneralSite drivers x 6 - gone Pin
CHill6013-Jan-21 6:50
mveCHill6013-Jan-21 6:50 
GeneralRe: Site drivers x 6 - all gone Pin
Greg Utas13-Jan-21 7:30
mvaGreg Utas13-Jan-21 7:30 
GeneralTroll from moderation: Member 15045090 - Gone Pin
OriginalGriff13-Jan-21 5:25
mveOriginalGriff13-Jan-21 5:25 
Generalkey strokers Pin
PIEBALDconsult13-Jan-21 4:31
professionalPIEBALDconsult13-Jan-21 4:31 
GeneralRe: key strokers - both gone Pin
Greg Utas13-Jan-21 5:09
mvaGreg Utas13-Jan-21 5:09 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (nabsan) Pin
OriginalGriff13-Jan-21 4:31
mveOriginalGriff13-Jan-21 4:31 
GeneralRe: Spammer from moderation queue (nabsan) - gone Pin
Greg Utas13-Jan-21 5:09
mvaGreg Utas13-Jan-21 5:09 
GeneralSite driver in poll - Gone Pin
den2k8813-Jan-21 4:09
professionalden2k8813-Jan-21 4:09 
GeneralSpam article: Why use Python for AI and Machine Learning (3RI Technologies) - gone Pin
Greg Utas13-Jan-21 2:42
mvaGreg Utas13-Jan-21 2:42 
GeneralVarious site-drivers - Edited Pin
CHill6013-Jan-21 2:30
mveCHill6013-Jan-21 2:30 
GeneralRe: Various site-drivers Pin
OriginalGriff13-Jan-21 2:40
mveOriginalGriff13-Jan-21 2:40 
GeneralRe: Various site-drivers Pin
Nelek13-Jan-21 3:41
protectorNelek13-Jan-21 3:41 
GeneralMore tokking ****s Pin
CHill6013-Jan-21 2:24
mveCHill6013-Jan-21 2:24 
GeneralRe: More tokking ****s - all gone Pin
Greg Utas14-Jan-21 0:51
mvaGreg Utas14-Jan-21 0:51 
Generaltik tok / insta x8 Pin
CHill6012-Jan-21 23:46
mveCHill6012-Jan-21 23:46 
GeneralRe: tik tok / insta x8 - all gone Pin
Greg Utas13-Jan-21 2:58
mvaGreg Utas13-Jan-21 2:58 
GeneralSpam article Pin
CHill6012-Jan-21 23:33
mveCHill6012-Jan-21 23:33 

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